Milky Way


Hello Everyone

I am starting this new thread (as i could not find anywhere in the same name or content) for everyone to get out and get motivated to shoot something new.

I started shooting milky a little over the year. I am still learning and not very good at it. I would like to get this tread start for all the photographers to upload their milky way shots.

Hope everyone can join , contribute and enjoy them. I will put up some shots once i get home in a few hours. Till then someone get it started.

Thank you



Nice picture, but the colors are bit different.
Is the milky way visible in USA already? I am in UAE and still waiting for it to appear. Hopefully it will be visible from next month.
When is the milky way visible in India, can anybody tell me?


Season started in US last weekend. It was whole arc but due lens limitation i could only get so much and i dont do Panorama yet.

Milky way colors are usually different because Milky way has no color. Most milky way are edited based on the preferences of the person who took the pic. I have another shot of the same Milky way and same location and all the colors are totally on like purple yellow side of it ... more warmer this is more cooler. Depends what your preferences are. I dont have a good wide angle lens so i shot this with nikon 28-300 hence there is a bit of noise still there even after processing and the color captured was not up to what i wanted.