Minimum preparation for bike trip to Himalayas!


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I am sure each one of us have wished at least once to make a bike ride to those exotic locations of Himalayas which looks almost like heaven in the breathtaking snaps uploaded by our friends. You must have planned, re planned, day dreamed, night dreamed and finally CANCELLED the trip because of some or other reason (or shall i say excuses?). Next year, Pakka. But that next year never comes.

Too much planning can also turn out to be a spoil sport. My only purpose of writing this blog is to provide you tips for some basic preparations for a trip to the Himalayas.

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The Machine:

Most of us have in mind that we need an Enfield bike to go for a road trip. We cancel our plan because of bike.Well, Bullet might be the most comfortable of all for a long ride but in my opinion, any well maintained 150 cc bike is good enough to enjoy your ride on all kind of terrains. Machines lesser than 150cc engine also can conquer the mountains but they feel breathless and choked to overcome some of the challenges thrown by mother nature. So get up ! Challenge yourself to take your own bike. A few check ups before taking out the bike for a wild run:

Tyres : Would suggest a button type grip for rear tyre to handle the off road challenges well. Yes, be prepared for some serious off road biking. The mud, stones, pebbles are all waiting to challenge your riding skills. Your old front tyre should do if you are on tight budget. Just check and make sure there is not cracks or cuts as such.

Check the clutch plates, breaks, engine oil, chain sprockets and lights and horn. Use a brighter light for comfortable highway riding. Check the condition of engine.

Remove all unnecessary fibre and plastic parts and give the bike as naked look as possible.

Carry some spares like an extra tube, engine oil, Clutch wire, chain lock, bulb, tool kit.

There you are! Your bike is ready to roar and conquer.
There's nothing as minimum preparation for ride to Himalayas. It all depends on age, mileage and condition of individual motorcycles. What I'd want to get checked/change before heading out for a ride are -
1. Tyres
2. Sprak Plug
3. Engine condition
4. Clutch
5. Brake pads / shoes
6. Drive chain set
7. Accelerator and clutch cables

For the rider-
1. Riding jacket
2. Helmet
3. Gloves
4. Kneeguards

And along with all mentioned above, a good saddle bag and a tank bag to carry all my luggage.


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Thanx Vikas for reply. I agree with u that there is no minimum or maximum preparation for the Himalayas.

This article is only for those riders wants to conquer the Himalayas but never dared to start the journey.

And you have summarized everything in minimum words which shows how experienced you are for such trips.

My next post will be on preparing yourself for the trip.