Minimum riding gear for Ladakh ride


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@Dimitrz: yes it is for motorcycle, check out the website, you will get it.
Oh yes I didnt read the fine print - it seemed like a adventure gear site :)
The jacket looks cool I must say

Actually knee and elbow protectors sets are easily available for Rs. 1200-1800 in Delhi at Chopra helmets.
wow ...really ----- are they good quality ?

Unfortunately we are stuck with Cramster :D

Yogesh Sarkar

Foshan Yuan Dong Sen Industry & Trade CO., LTD. was founded in 1998. Through 10 years development, our brand SCOYCO has been to the motorcycle leading brand in China. SCOYCO focuses on designing, developing, producing by ourselves, strictly inspecting. Our product is well-known and sold well in Europe & America. It is becoming a strong trend of in the motorcycle racing world.

SCOYCO--motorcycle clothing--motorbike protecting
Hope you got your answer.


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@admin: yes got the answer. Will it be a good buy relating to cramster and DSG as i have seen reviews in other forums that people using SCOYCO are happy with their jackets.

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I'm on a look out for the same Dimitrz. I've been to this army store in Bangalore, and bought saddle bags couple of months back. Have to check if they have these boots. Will check out this weekend.
vinodji! Can you please post a pic of the saddle bag with some more details?


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Okey.. friends.. what is the verdict..

What is the minimum gear for motorcycling Manali-Leh-Srinagar route with Nubra/Pangong Tso visits.

Based on the internet reviews, I plan to wear the following. Please tell me, whether I am taking adequate precautions.

lower body - thermal inner + (track suit/cargo pant/jeans) + rain suit pant

upper body - thermal inner + full sleeve sweater + riding jacket + rain suit upper

Legs - cotton socks + woolen socks + plastic cover + DM shoes.

Hands - I am seriously confused. For riding on the planes, I have DSG gloves which is not suited for winter/rain use. What to do ? Please advise

Head - Balaclava and helmet. Is it possible to get a thin balaclava so that the helmet does not become "loose" after use.?

I plan to get riding jacket from Cochin. Can I buy a riding jacket with thermal layer as well as rain layer and avoid rain suit top altogether? Or buy a plain riding jacket and use rain suit top for rain protection..

Other things I plan to get it from Delhi. I am coming to Delhi on 21st and will be free on 22nd for purchases etc. Yet to get DM shoes/rain suits/winter clothing etc. Gopinath Bazar used to have shops. Hope they are still there..

regards & thanks in advance