Minimum riding gear for Ladakh ride

1. Waterproof gloves from DSG with warm liner inside.
2. Cramster riding pants with thermal liner for lower body, no separate rain suit and kneeguards.
3. DSG Nero Jacket with thermal liner is a solution for upper body, no need for separate rain suit and elbow guards.

Yogesh Sarkar

Btw, Cramster has recently relaunched Tundra. I guess people here have used earlier version of it and it was pretty good.


Yogesh Sarkar

These are the newer version, the older one is being used by Shamik and I guess Akshay as well and as per them, it was quite good. This one is marketed as waterproof winter riding glove, so should be good, but can't say for certain since I haven't seen any user reviews of it till now. that case, I believe Shamik and Akshay need to come forward and share their experience regarding the same. A very close friend of mine bought the DSG gloves on my recommendation and he is currently in Leh, very satisfied with the performance of gloves in rain and to avoid wind chill.


i have the previous version of tundra,known as dewrex(not durex),now you know why they changed name:grin:
They are quite effective,i have used them while in Snow,in Narkanda and they kept the hands warm and dry.

Negative points.
They are very thick,so at times,it becomes a pain,to hold the handle,with these on,and hands start sweating,and if you dont remove the gloves carefully,the whole inner lining comes out with your hand,and its a pain,to insert it back in.
No such problems with the ones from DSG. But I believe both these gloves are strictly for cold weather/rain in cold weather. So a person would need another pair which can work in both rain and hot weather.