Minimum riding gear for Ladakh ride

Maheshwar Singh

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If Someone is interested to join in Delhi Srinagar Leh Manali Delhi bike trip in August end 2018 (will start in last week , 12-13 days trip) from Delhi or nearby? Plz reply.

Ballistic Rider

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Jacket is a must, a good riding Jacket starts from 6K. I don't know why this seller is giving away gears like free. Riding jacket would eliminate the elbow guards as jacket will have in built elbow and shoulder protection. Knee guards are however needed.

Looks like a sham to me to be honest. And these probiker gloves aren't going to be very useful (by the looks of it). You need some good protection along with nice winter gloves. Riding gear is anyways best purchased offline after trying it on.

Hi Akshay,

Hope I am getting this thread active again after ages. All the experienced and expert bikers out there please guide me:

I am planning a Leh trip from Chennai (in 2021). The following list has been compiled for purchase wrt gear and luggage. Your feedback is highly welcome friends:

1. Saddle Bag / Tail Bag (From Viaterra) (also exploring options like BBG Leh Saddlebag & Rynox Drystack)

2. Riding Gloves - 2 pairs (one from Tarmac Vento II for summer @ 2.2k and Cramster Tundra for winter / waterproof @ 2.3k) (ALSO DO WE REALLY NEED TWO PAIRS?).

3. Riding Jacket - Tarmac Drifter @ 4k (looked at other brands like Cramster Breezer & Rynox GT3 but they are atleast 2.5k more)

4. Riding Pants - Again Tarmac @ 5k (Rynox Airtex is atleast 1.5k dearer)

5. Don't want to invest on riding boots. I have a Woodland shoe which has served me well on my short trips. Maybe I will buy one during my second long road trip (maybe in 2023).