Misuse of Hazard Lights (Punishable Offence)


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Dear BCMTians

Recently came upon a news that Meghalaya police has started to fine motorists who misuse hazard lights. The move comes after local residents have been using hazards to indicate going straight at a junction. As per Section 177 of the Motor Vehicles Act, the incorrect use of hazard lights is a punishable act and can attract fines of up to Rs. 300.

Hazard lights are used to denote the fact that the vehicle could be a hazard on the road to other motorists. It can also denote a broken down vehicle or an accident. How often we have seen misuse of hazard lights at our highways or how many of us has also done that due to ignorance about law and lack of knowledge for identifying the situation where hazard lights shall be used.

I have seen many bikers/drivers using hazard light continuously in night time. In some regions, people have invented their own set of rules. As cited in opening paragraph that in Shillong, People are using hazard lights to indicate that they will go straight on a junction whereas no indicator is required while going straight.

What are the typical situations you have seen people using/misusing hazard lights?
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I agree that there should be proper rule about hazard lights because there are a lot of people who have become annoying on the road because there are riders who do not use the lights. It is not a a hard thing to use the hazard lights and I hope people use it more often. Rules in place would be good in this kind of situation because there are people who will be a great addition to the laws because it will be a solid way of keeping the place safe.


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Even I have seen people using Hazard lights during Foggy condition and Rain which makes other's very confusing. :lol: :lol:

Knowing the usage of Hazard light is very important for the safety of other road user's. You just cant turn them on just because you want them to. ](*,)


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Simple. DO NOT use hazzad light unless it is hazzard situation like Puncture, Cattle, Accident etc.

Rain and Fog are no excuse. Get rear Fog light for that.


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Mostly in tunnels and in foggy condition. I am using it tunnel always.
Using hazard lights inside tunnels has always intrigued me! We should rather just switch on the lights and follow the prescribed speed limits.
Say one has to stop inside a tunnel due so something. How do we differentiate real hazard with this regular use of blinkers ?