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Last leg of the journey:

Time: 1:30 am:

We are parked for the night at a petrol bunk somewhere near Jowai, Meghalaya. I was surprised at how comfortable and spacious the backseat of my bolero felt. Pahar on the hand was struggling to get in some kind of sleeping position in the front.

Earlier, my mighty bolero 4wd forced us to stop near Khleriat, Meghalaya with a loud clang clang noise and steering vibrations. I was smiling to myself as I drove into the only garage we could find on a late Sunday evening. No, the bolero was not emitting laughing gas but it’s just that I was planning to write glowing tributes to my vehicle and how nothing ever goes wrong on my mighty steed. And here I was at the roadside garage :D


The problem was pointed out to worn out propeller shaft bearings and by the time we were done, it was already 10:30 pm. A quick dinner at Rajasthan Dhaba, Jowai (which serves everything from pork to paneer) followed by a quick nap and we were ready for completing our mission to travel from Aizawl, Mizoram to Guwahati , Assam in a single day. It did not matter to us that it was technically not possible as it was already 12:30 at night.

I tried driving but soon remembered the excellent thread on teambhp on the dangers of sleepy driving and drove into a well-lit petrol pump. Before the trip, we had planned to sleep in the car if we couldn’t manage accommodation at any place. As we had done almost all the things we had planned to do on this trip, we decided against searching for any hotel and used this rather excellent opportunity to tick the sleep-in-the-car bit as well.

As I drifted off to sleep in the backseat of my bolero, my mind wandered to the past week travelling in Mizoram. It was one of my best trips till date and I tried to point out a single factor which contributed towards it.


Was it the beautiful sunsets?


Was it the parks beckoning us to be kids again?


Maybe the neat and clean villages?


Or the sleepy towns?


Was it the rain kissed mornings?


Was it the shops which have no shopkeepers?


Its panoramic views?


The drive which challenges man and machine?


Was it about the diamonds in the sky?


Or of love in the night sky?


Driving into a foreign country?


Maybe the joys of driving among the clouds?


Or simply a cup of hot tea on a rainy afternoon?

Maybe it was one of the above or all of them. Maybe it was just its lovely and kind people.

This is an account of our road trip in Mizoram.


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It always bothered me that I have never visited Mizoram. I have heard and read about the beautiful places, the traffic discipline, the shops without shopkeepers and the welcoming people of Mizoram. So, after a busy last quarter at office, we decided to visit the place in the month of April, 2018.


I can’t thank my friend Mimi enough for helping me out in every way possible. She patiently heard out my plans about our trip to her home state and gave valuable suggestions for fine tuning the same. She translated the following list of words into Mizo which I thought would help me.


Yes, you are right. The list contains mostly food items. Good food forms an indispensable part of road trips for me. Fortunately for us, the local food in Mizoram was excellent in all the places.

Also, for any person going off into the unknown, the logs penned by fellow travellers provide invaluable information and the same is true with this trip. I went through these two brilliant logs on teambhp and also the excellent one by bcmtian @sanuroxz . The links to these logs:

1. (Mizoram - A 9 day family vacation)

2. (Solo drive to the North East - All Seven Sisters)


As in previous road trips, we did not pre-book at any place which gave us the flexibility to halt wherever we like. We decided to sleep in the car if we were unable to manage accommodation at any place. Another thing which added great value was a shower gel. It took care of shampoo, soap, face wash, car shampoo and windshield wiper fluid.

Travel buddy:

Pahar, my friend and a man after my own heart.

On our trips, the conversations usually go like this:

Me: Bro, see that hanging bridge over that furious river with some planks missing. What to do?
Pahar: Cross it, of course.

Me: There seems to be something on top of that hill.
Pahar: Let’s go find what it is.

Me: This food looks and smells funny.
Pahar: Let’s eat and see if it tastes funny as well.

You get the drift.


My trusted Bolero Lx 4wd. Over a period of two years, I have come to love the simplicity and reliability of this vehicle. Coming from a temperamental RE Classic 500, I now appreciate the bolero and what it offers.


ILP (Inner Line Permit):

Any person outside of Mizoram needs to get an ILP for visiting the state. I was too lazy to get the ILP done at Guwahati and wanted to get it done at the border town of Vairangte. A friend warned me that it would waste valuable time during the trip and this particular information came to me only two days before the trip.

My friend Mimi came to my rescue again. We went to Mizoram house, Guwahati and applied for the ILPs. Though the official time for applying and issuing ILPs is only in the first half of the day (we went in the afternoon), the officials at Mizoram house were kind enough to issue us the same that very afternoon. Of course, this was made possible on a large if not whole part due to Mimi’s insistence and request to the officials.