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Day 7: Champhai to Aizawl

Distance: 190 kms

I was in a dilemma as to where to stay in Aizawl. Mimi suggested Hotel Chief and Hotel Regency for Aizawl. My primary concern was parking space for my bolero. I was not worried from a security view point but about creating a nuisance trying to park in the crowded streets of Aizawl. I even thought of crossing Aizawl and staying somewhere else but then I really wanted to see the city also.

Ms. Nguri enquired where we were off to next and on learning we were going to Aizawl offered to book us in the Chaltlang tourist lodge, Aizawl. This was God sent and I cannot thank Ms. Nguri enough for this kind gesture as getting a room at the Aizawl tourist lodge is difficult. With that my parking worries were over and I could fully enjoy my drive. Chaltlang tourist lodge is located in a very good place and has ample parking space.

Our route for the day was Champhai-Khawzal-Kawlkulh-Dulte-Seling-Aizawl.

The road conditions are good till Khawzal are good but expectedly busier than the route we took in our onward journey. Beyond Khawzal, roads are broken at many places and the going gets slow.


Slow and steady


Got mud?

Shops without shopkeepers:

One of the most amazing things we had heard about Mizoram is the shops without any shopkeepers. The items on sale are marked with their respective prices and a small box is provided for depositing the money. We came across many such shops selling vegetables and fruits. We stopped at one such shop and bought some papaya. We deposited the money in the box provided and went happily on our way. It is such a great idea based on trust where the owner is free from sitting at the shop.


No shopkeepers here

We had a heavy lunch at a small hotel in Kawlkuh. The food was one of the best we had in our trip-boiled vegetables, rice, dal and chicken and of course the yummy chutney. A lady waiting at the hotel took lift from us till Dulte. What I especially liked about the hotel was the family members also taking lunch at the same time eating the same food as us.

Heavy rains and wind lashed at us after crossing Dulte. I asked Pahar to make a video but he asked me to concentrate on driving. The rains followed us till Aizawl.


Winds and rain



Chasing rains!

We reached Aizawl at around 4 pm and checked in at the Chaltlang tourist lodge. I believe it is the biggest of all the government tourist lodges in Mizoram. We were booked in a spacious double bedded room.

Pahar and I decided to go the main market of Aizawl. We left the bolero safely parked in the lodge and enjoyed being driven around in a taxi.

Aizawl is a busy and bustling city with maddening traffic. But of course, no one honks and in spite of the traffic jams, it is peaceful. We enjoyed walking around the town before it started raining heavily. That did not dampen our spirits much but as the mists seemed to cover the place, the shops closed down. Drenched throughout, we made it back to the lodge with a happy feeling. Walking the streets of Aizawl was ticked on the list.

As Mimi was not in Mizoram, she requested her friends John and Kimi to show us around Aizawl. Another friend of mine had suggested to go to Falkland to get a view of the nightscape of Aizawl city but with heavy rains and mists I had my doubts of seeing anything. I also started feeling sorry for disturbing John and Kimi on that cold and rainy night. Thank you guys for taking time out for us.

We started at around 8 pm in John’s car and by this time the weather started to clear up. Our first stop was Falkland where the sight of Aizawl city knocked us out.

Some views of Aizawl city:


Like diamonds in the sky


Aizawl nightscape

John and Kimi took us around a night tour of the city where even at a late hour people were still roaming around. We went to a place straight out of a movie where the night lights form a shape of a heart:


Love mountain


Ghost rider?

We went to a view point called J.F View point and one has to climb up a hill and then a tower. All that effort is worth it as the view is out of the world.



View from JF Viewpoint

At JF view point, John knocked on peoples’ doors living nearby to request for parking space. And the people actually help you to find a parking spot for your car. If this example of cooperation and kindness is not amazing, I don’t know what is

We roamed around the city and it felt wonderful to see its schools, churches and lovely viewpoints.

John and Kimi dropped us off at our lodge after a brilliant tour of the city. We would have roamed around more but I guess the past week’s constant driving was taking a toll on us and we were dog tired by the time we crashed in our beds.

Tomorrow, we drive to Guwahati. At least, that was the plan.


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Day 8-9: Aizawl to Guwahati

We were able to start from Aizawl at around 9 am. Being a Sunday, everything was closed in the city and the streets were free from traffic. Even the petrol pumps were closed.

I wanted to travel on the old road to Aizawl via Durtlang but ended up going by the same route we had come. This was only because I could not find the old highway on google maps.

With more than a tinge of sadness, I said farewell to the beautiful city of Aizawl. Being a Sunday, the entire stretch up to Vairengte was empty with an occasional truck or sumo for company.

We had lunch at the same Nepali hotel in Kolasib. Soon, we reached Vairengte and said bye to the wonderful state of Mizoram.

We crossed Silchar at around 2 pm and were positive about making it to Guwahati that very day.


Tea break


My humble beast


Storm clouds gathering

Heavy rains, truck traffic and winding roads near Sonapur, Meghalaya slowed our progress. I could hear a low metallic sound coming from underneath the vehicle but could not stop at that time. Also, we could see the beginning of landslides as rocks and muds began their downward journey onto the road. A week after our trip, there were reports of the road being blocked due to landslides. We were lucky in that manner.

After the rains subsided, we took a look at the underbody of the bolero but couldn’t see anything amiss. Honestly though, we had no idea what we were looking for.

The low sound soon became a loud metallic banging noise and my steering started vibrating like one of those vibrating combs. We were still far away from Guwahati and with the steering wheel giving me a massage, we started looking for a garage. Being a Sunday, the whole place seemed to be shut. We finally found a lone garage open and drove in.


Little mechanics fiddling with the bolero

Day 9: The final drive

I woke at around 5 am after a surprisingly good sleep in the bolero. After freshening up, I took the steering wheel for the final drive of this trip. We discussed about driving to Karbi Anglong via an internal route but I guess we had had enough adventure for one trip and drove non-stop to Guwahati instead.

Pahar had to join his office in Diphu the same day and as I dropped him off at the railway station, he said “So, when are we going to Dzukhou Valley?”


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Amazing @Gunin .=D>

Rih dil.... Don't know when we'll be able to visit it. Managed to see the Lake of No Return after so many years' planning! :(
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Aww.. what a journey man..
There are still so many places to Discover in the state.. Say Saiha i am eyeing for the place...

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