Mobile phone suggestion needed


It will be really tough finding a decent brand which has EDGE support in a sub 4k phone.

Closest I could come to is the Nokia 3110 refreshed. The site says it is selling for 4.3k. I think the 300 you pay extra for it is well worth it. The 3xxx series phones were real sturdy workhorses.

Nokia 3110 Evolve - Full Phone Specifications, Price

Even on EDGE the data speeds can be quite crappy, quite often because of the backhaul it has to do to get to the actual internet gateway on the operator's network, if you are in the middle of nowhere. So going for a GRPS-only phone will only make it even worse.

I'd say pick the 3110.


hibernated traveler
i am using the 3110 classic (almost the same as 3110 Evolve) and i am happy with whatever features it has. Though never used it as a modem.


hibernated traveler
no issues faced till now. I am using 512 MB microSD card with it. Battery is okay, lasts easily 2-3 days with normal usage (with mild music/radio/web browser use). Radio and web browser tend to consume more of battery power.

One suggestion. buy the phone from Hot Spot. They are giving 2-year full insurance against all possible damage to the phone for 250 buck, including coverage against damage caused by moisture (though not coverage against theft).