Mobile phone suggestion


Just to continue here in regard to Yogesh question, there is no issue with the network and the back up is good.

Used it thoughout the day with about 3.5hrs of talk and 4 hours of music play and games and the battry is still showing more than half.
Sounds great, how is the sound quality?


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Sounds great, how is the sound quality?
I am just thinking how to answer this question:rolleyes:

Well i will compare here with Apple ipod sound. And its as good as 85-90% of it. I am happy so far. Rest would make you listen on the BCMT meet.:cool:

I have tried all the EQ options, the best sound comes with "Rock" or "Surround" option.


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Samsung slide phones are bound to give problem with the slide ribbon cable! :eek:

Ankit, I'd recommend the Corby 3650. Girls love it!


Ankit Chaturvedi
thanks for the suggestion anup seems to be a nice phone..any idea about price?