Mobile Phones - A Tumour Machine!!

Vik M


Yeah it's True!!

Some of Harmful effects of Mobile phones i wish to focus on are as follows:

1) Brain Tumor
2) Tinnitus (Ear related Problem)
3) Salivary gland Tumor
4) Cochlear Damage..

Starting off, i would like to recollect the data which i have read in reviews, expertise, publications and blogs..

No biased, that Mobile phones have brought the world closer, but there are majority of health risk involved around it, which are often unnoticed and aren't published due to Corrupt nationals and Scientists..

There are hundred of research, reviews regarding same, yet the Govt is not willing to protect its citizens from the Death Machine..

1) Brain Tumors
For a definite definition of tumor check out the web..

Although there are several hundred types of tumors, Only 130 of them are Malignant(Harmful) and others Benign..
A benign tumor ain't need treatment, or in severe cases or at risk of malignancy, it needs to be removed surgically..

Mobile Phones works on MICROWAVE radiations having wavelength up to 25cm..
energy of such radiations is SO SMALL, that it cannot bring Mutations or DNA damage, so Mutations risk is at a bay unlike in X-rays or u.V rays..

But one doesn't need to BREAK BONDS to induce tumors!!

Scientific Research:
When mobile phones were launched, the scientists had quoted that Minimum of 4Hrs/day for period of 10yrs to induce brain tumor..
Recently, a research published quoted that HALF HOUR of daily use for 10 yrs can induce tumors..

People who experience headaches or ringing sensations during/After call are at heavy risk and such individuals should cut-off use of phones drastically, and with immediate effect..

2) Tinnitus:
Tinnitus is severe form of ear disorder usually occurs in elderly patients, but due to Mobile-Phones, there is increased risk of it in children and youth too..

3) Salivary Gland tumor:
Although research on this topic is at neanderthal stage, Israel scientist have found incidences of salivary gland tumor(Which is often Benign and Observed after heavy radiation of X-rays), they are associations with Microwaves is yet to be clearly defined..

4) Cochlear Damage:
Microwaves have an inherent property of generating heat (This is the Basis of Micro-Wave Owens), when a dose of Microwave is given to person, the ear responds to microwave damage thereby heating the cochlea..
This process of "Immunity" can lead to Cochlear damage which if aggravated, can lead to hearing loss..

Being said the Harmful effects of Mobile phones, there are health related advantages, the most noted is The PARKINSONISM RESISTANCE..
Scientist are largely successful in relating the advantage of Mobile phones in this arena, but the advantage is far less than harmful effects..

Some measures to avoid Mobile phones:
It is indeed difficult (Although NOT IMPOSSIBLE), to lead a life without Mobile phones in this fast growing world, one can take safety measures, and educate the masses regarding the same..


2) If at Home, try to maximize the use of LAND-LINE phones (Not including CORD-LESS or Which Work on CDMA or GSM networks)..

3) Some companies have come up with phones having SMS facility ONLY.. Such phones are suitable for schooling and college going students to ensure minimal risk of Exposure..

4) Try if Possible, Not to/Not to let ur children use mobile phones up-till graduation, if you can..

5) Leading companies are working on technology that reduced intensity of radiations emitted and newer phones are having LOW SAR are being proposed..

One such technology is VORTIS, currently used by Motorola in their specific phones, which reduces the intensity by 1000 fold..
Another Phone company called G-HANZ have come up with ZERO-RADIATION Phones which actually neutralizes the radiations emitted by the phone, but yet to be launched, and more often they are not allowed to advertise coz it may effect market margin of various renowned companies, thanx to collaboration with CORRUPT GOVERNMENT..

6) Wi-Fi campuses, GPRS, EDGE, GPS, Remote Control of T.V sets, all work on Micro-Waves, people using such services are at Risk (Not to majority extent coz generally Device is held away form brain..)but chances are..
Similar lines of research in Germany lead to BANNING of Wi-Fi in Public places, Indian Govt should learn from the GERMANS..

Colleges should opt for Limited area of Wi-Fi access in order to minimize the risk to young and healthy students..

7) Use of Ear-Phones reduces the Intensity by 100 fold.. Also use Blue-Tooth technology which uses low intensity of radiations

8) DO NOT USE phone while driving, Apart from accidents, the Signal strength varies while the subject is in motion, and phone emits more radiations, draining ur battery must faster than at rest.

After all,
The YOUTH is the FUTURE of any COUNTRY

Being a Responsible PHARMACIST,
In my Professional Oath, I pledge
"I would strive hard for Well-Being of Society" and that's what i'm doing through BCM touring..