Moghal Darbar Restaurant,Srinagar


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Yesterdays Dinner was great experience of Kashmiri Wazwan(cuisine),the ambience is old world, food was great. I had tried the cuisine at Pahalgam 2days earlier and difference was huge. The Goshtaba was good, do try the Kashmiri Saag,it's made from a locally grown leafy veg. called Karma saag.Avoid the Kashmiri Naan.Bill for 5 persons came to Rs.950/-.The restaurant is located near the Lal Chowk.


Re: Moghal Darbar Restaurant, Srinagar

recommended by every one in srinagar for kashmiri food. and it is worthwhile. but confused after reaching there, as there are two restaurents, one at ground floor, and other on first floor, both claim their originality, We try at Ist floor, and the food is worth.


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dont eat at ground floor ,i eat rogan josh and suffer from stomach pain whole night .plz avoid ground floor mughal durbar.

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Gosh, such divine looking oil-rich food!
Sure this is what gave you a tummy ache?!
I'd love to get my hands on that Rogan Josh! :)