Moghal Darbar Restaurant,Srinagar

I've had the yummiest Mughlai style food at Karachi. Only little problem with it is that you have to eat it fast! Else the 'churbi' (lard) that is used for cooking medium start solidifying in air conditioned areas! :shock:
I would love to go to Pakistan someday if I get a chance and company. But there is'nt any travelogue for your visit to Pakistan, is it? And anyways the Mughlai food tastes best when its piping hot.


The dum oluv is simply great and the haak preparation was pretty good. Not a bad place if you are a vegetarian. Still they did not have nadru yakhni which i wanted to taste.


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Mathur saab, Aap hi nahi hum bhi Mughlai foods ke shokhin hai… I ate mughlai dishes at Delhi Darbar in Mumbai, especially liked Mutton Seekh Kebab and Chicken Korma.


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Another place which serves great Kashmiri food apart from Mughal Darbar is the restaurant at Hotel Broadway in Srinagar.


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As i am from the state working in Srinagar, i can confirm that the actual Mughal Darbar is the one which is on first floor and the other option for trying wazwan( as it is called) is Ahdoos which is about 200-300 meters from mughal darbar.Right next to the Residency Hotel(the big blue colored glass sheet hotel on the left side if you are coming from the Mughal Darbar Side).The Ambience of Ahdoos is better than Mughal Darbar and the preperation of both is just DIVINE ;-)
I also ate at Mughal Darbar (during my very recent Delhi Leh Delhi trip). If i remember correctly, its at Karan Singh chowk/road. We went quite late at night so we waited outside & ate standing, terrificly hungry, we ordered chicken biriyani, mutton rogan josh & roti....we 3 friends shared the same view: the food is simply AMAZING.....great taste, great preparation .... we thanked the owner for such wonderful food.....grat experience of Kashmiri preparation there...