Most difficult Trek route in Himachal ???


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Hi All,

I have been thinking on this which owuld be most difficult trek in Himachal.
This is not to be confused with Mountaineering and Expiditions.

This is about the trekking the passes etc.
Would love to here from all of you;)


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I'm not looking something specific just wanted to know from all of you which one you guys think is the most difficult trek in himachal pradesh that you think is difficult.For me it was Shrikhand though I have done pin parvati but I would say that on individual note.

Let me know if this clarifies the purpose.


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Hi hiambuj

I'm not looking anything spefic here just wanted to know from you guys and your experience that which would be the most difficult trek in Himachal accroding to each individual who either has done or have some information.

Hope this answers your question.;)


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Hope this answers your question.;)
Yes Vagrant, it very well answers my question !!

A very similar question was asked on a popular trekking forum & a friend Ashutosh answered it aptly as under :

There are no standard definition of trek here because a trek can become longer or shorter and thereby add degrees of difficulty. The same trek done in summer and winter can have various degrees of difficulty. A trek done 100 years back and done today have entirely different degrees of difficulty. A trek can also be rendered difficult by the fact that whether its frequented by trekkers or not!! From that point of view a trek into the inner sanctuaries of Trimukhi Parvat can be several degrees more difficult compared to Kalindikhal may be..where at least the terrain is well explored and the danger points known more or less. The terrain adds its own challenges- do I compare a Auden's Col with Chadar Trek in winter at Zanskar?

There are such examples as of Late Sir Francis Younghusband crossing the Mustagh Pass into Yarkund in the face of robber tribes before the advent of the 20th Century. Similarly you have more recent examples of Col Kohli's team traversing the entire breadth of Greater Himalaya from Karakoram to Lipulekh Pass crossing over 52 Passes between December to February of 1998, well chronicled in the book "Across the Frozen Himalayas"!! Not to speak of the several exploratory treks of Shipton and Tillman all through the 3rd and 4th decade of the 20th century. Those were the toughest accounting for all dimensions!!! You hardly see treks of that magnitude being organised or executed that frequently.

A discussion might ensue if all those criteria can be scoped in the question- Season, duration, length, popular, altitude etc. Otherwise one may not be doing a like to like comparison.

I have nothing more to say !! :)


Well said above, hiambuj & quote by Ashutosh.

From what I have heard so far, trek to Bara Bhangal is quite challenging. The most dangerous being walking on a mere 2 feet wide trail along a deep gorge, where a slip can lead you to Ravi river flowing several thousands feet below. A lot of people avoid that part of the trek & take a longer detour.


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Right said Amit Sir.

Vagrant, I'll tell you my side of story, I had done many treks in himalayas and can say as an add-on that its one's physical stamina and planning that make a trek difficult or easy. I did Churdhar which is merely a 14 kms walk and altitude is not more than 3800mts but we done this trek in March when the entire peak covered with snow and believe me that was the hardest trek I had ever done. Walking in snow storm and that to be in waist deep snow without water, made things worse than worse. On the other hand recently I went there and it’s seems an easy walking of 14 kms and we did this trek in 9hrs flat, to & fro (FYI, I had done Shrikhand Mahadev, which is tiring but not difficult).