Motorcycle Rentals For Bhutan Trip


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Hi everyone!

We are a group of 6 guys traveling to Bhutan in the second week of April, this year. We are landing in Bagdogra in the afternoon of April 4 (Saturday) and we plan to travel to Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha in this period (Apr 4 - Apr 11/12).

We are looking to make this trip on bikes (we require four RE 350 or 500 - new models), but seem to have hit a stone wall in finding a rental place.

We have contacted the following people so far:

1. Gautam (Adventures Unlimited) - fully-booked for that period, no car or bikes available
2. Noel Brett (Enfield Marathoners) - only has old RE 350s available in that period; asking quite a steep price (INR 2,000 per day for old model RE 350s !!!!)
3. Bhim Chhetri (Mozila Bhutan) - asking a steeper price than Noel, INR 2,900-3,000 per bike per day, but that includes cost of a mechanic who would be traveling with us

We would really appreciate if you guys could help us out in finding a bike rental place in Siliguri / Bagdogra / NJP / Darjeeling / Jaigaon (any local contacts in these places would also help). Although we want to keep it as a last resort, contacts of car rental places are also welcome.

Thanking you all in advance (and, yes, we are kinda getting desperate now. Lesson learnt: never book tickets when drunk!)


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To spin this question again, is it possible to get any rentals in Thimphu or Paro. Basically anywhr in Bhutan?