Motorcycle Ride - Delhi to Rishikesh


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Don't drive in night , i did this mistake a week ago and it was completely crazy
after muzaffarnagar we felt too much cold and too much fog and there was no solution for the dense fog, visibility was 4-5 meter only so i would suggest to drive in Day time
Road condition is good, although there are some construction going on but thats fine


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Planning a Motorcycle Ride to Rishikesh from Delhi. Please advise an itinerary and road conditions. Thanks.

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This what finally happened :). Hope it helps any future riders!!

Delhi - Rishikesh - Dev Prayag - Rishikesh - Delhi (28.12.2018 to 02.01.2019)

Day 1

0815 - Left Delhi Vasant Kunj + Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Setu + Delhi Meerut Expressway + + Raj Nagar Extension Elevated Road + Raj Nagar Extension Road + NH58 Bypass + Upper Ganga Canal Road

1000 - Tea Break

1030 - Upper Ganga Canal Road + NH58 + Roorkee

1250 - Roorkee Night Halt (had to meet a friend, but we could have covered the entire stretch till Rishikesh)

Experienced Fog for a bit on the Upper Ganga Canal Road. But there were enough vehicles hence a safe drive. The drive is quick with a few intersections to drive into Meerut or Muzaffarnagar nagar. The intersections (perpendicular to our route) run over the canal, which is mostly on your left side. Old world, single lane, pink arched bridges carry the intersection roads across the canal. The canal water (Ganges) is turquoise at this time of the year. Over all a scenic, smooth and swift drive. We stopped at a roadside Dhaba for tea and learnt that the Upper Ganga Canal Road is a new construction, completed for the Kanwarias earlier this year. Mostly empty save for bikes and sugarcane loaded tractor trawlers.

1. No established restaurants on the Upper Ganga Canal Road. This is a two way carriage road. There is one Chotiwala half way through.
2. No street lamps along the road, so not sure if it should be taken after dark.
3. Must slow down while approaching the intersections - tall speed breakers, rumble strips and unmanned/traffic-light less intersections have speeding vehicles from Meerut or Muzaffarnagar passing by. We saw a bus that had half run-over one of the pink bridges being retrieved by a crane. I am sure it was to avoid a collision at the intersection just before the bridge.

Day 2

0915 - Departed from Roorkee via NH58

1105 - Arrived at destination (our stay in Rishikesh)

Free and Easy day. Drove up to Ram Jhulla and spent time about the place. Snacks at Geeta Bhavan (should try, mostly in ghee). Returned to our stay and spent the evening by the ghat below. Walked up-to Triveni Ghat for the aarti and spent time about. Dinner at our stay - simple vegetarian home style food :)

Day 3

0815 - Via NH58 to Dev Prayag. A hill drive, that could have been more enjoyable. Expect hold ups due to the ‘All Weather 4 Lane’ road widening project that is underway. Many patches of unfinished road - dust and stones. The distance isn’t much, just the construction!!

1130 - At the Holy Sangam. Bikes can drive down to just a few steps above the Sangam. The drive is through the Dev Prayag markets. Narrow lanes (not roads), steep climbs and descents, and over a suspension bridge to reach where we parked. Parking maybe a challenge - especially in the summer months - so best to ask the people around and they should be able to guide.

We spent an hour at the Holy Sangam. It is strewn with priests that try and coax you into a Puja. They accost on the pretext of marking your forehead with a tilak, and before you know they break into a prayer ceremony. At the end of the ceremony they expect a dakshna (which is fair, but seems unfair since you really did not ask for it!!).

Holy sangam is the point where, if you are standing facing the merging rivers, Bhagirati on your right merges with Alaknanda on your left to become Ganga - hence the official start point of the Holy Ganges.

Holy Sangam is a scenic spot besides being a major Hindu religious destination , to see jade green Alaknanda, placid and measured in its flow; merge with the turquoise green Bhagirati, a torrent. The distinct colours of the two rivers form a clear demarcation in the water for quite a bit of distance till they move forward as darker turquoise green Ganges.

1215 - Same route back to Rishikesh for the night halt. We stopped by for lunch basis the recommendation of a Police Officer. Sainik Dhaba (approximately 3.5 km from Dev
Prayag towards Rishikesh) serves a decent fare. There is a dhaba opposite Sainik which was also suggested (Govindam or Govardham, name slips my mind)

We reached our stay by 1630 hrs. The drive is quiet scenic but cannot be appreciated as much due to the ongoing (and much needed) road expansion project. There is one point on the route where the Ganges takes a U turn around a hill, and you can see the river curve around. It truly is quite scenic.

For the evening we drove back to Ram Jhulla (parking is 50/-) and spent the evening shopping :). Had dinner at ‘Topiwala’ (a little ahead of Geeta Ashram). The food is good but the service is quite pushy and dry :(.

Day 4

0815 - Left Rishikesh

0920 - Breakfast after Cantonment Roorkee

1200 - Quick halt at Cheetal Grand

1330 - Home (Delhi). Road gets busy and crowded after Meerut all the way till u enter Delhi.

Hope this helps!!