Motorcycle Touring Guide

Gaurav Chopra

zestbiker-if there is a SPIRIT,I ride it
@FriedDeskYounger ,touring with behemoths like the Tiger,you are lucky if something critical does'nt break-they resist slow speed falls well enough(designed for it)-but too many Triumphs have suffered gear lever breakage in falls to not consider carrying some spare levers.(brake,gear,clutch)
Re first aid kits.
For major bleeds. I carry a lot of 4" gauze pads (they compress down and don't take up much space), including one of the large 'abdominal' size pads, and two Israeli bandages (available on Do a first aid course or watch youtube videos about how to stop a bleed.
Forgot to mention a few things re first aid kits.

Carry EMT shears (available on in your first aid kit. You may need to cut away clothing to get to a wound, and regular scissors won't do much good with heavy motorcycle gear.

Also always make sure your first aid kit is easily accessible, it should never be buried at the bottom of your locked saddlebag (or the absolute worst place, the manufacturers location under the seat). I always carry mine in a tank bag, or in the backpack that I use to carry snacks and extra water. When you pick a place to store your kit, remember that the bike will be on its side and you will be injured when you really need to get to it.