Motorcycle workshop manuals

Yogesh Sarkar

Sorry Lucky, I don't have that, but if I do find it, I'll surely let you know. Btw what exactly is the problem you are facing? Maybe we can help you diagnose it?


Yamaha R-15 workshop manual download (21 mb).

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Anyone come across a service manual for the Karizma?


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my bike has some unique problem which is very difficult to explain here.
which i guess is due to uneven power transmission during disceleration or some problem in fuel and air mixture injection to the engine.

I changed the crank, piston bearings and rebored. but the problem did not resolve completly.And even iam very unsatisfied with the sound and pick up.

if you could give me any really expert technician's number whom i can consult, will be a great help to me

thanks in advance

Yogesh Sarkar

I used to have similar issue in my Pulsar 180, when the timing chain reached its end of life. As for suggestion regarding the mechanic, which city are you from?