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P6078 was called earlier. Now CB-14 or Chandrabhaga-14 is the name given after successful climb.
CB-13 is 6264(+-) and its a different and situated south of it.
I just came back from C'taal and JAmaica and his partner were still calling it CB13.
Can you please post a pic of correct CB13.


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Post pictures of any peaks on the Earth.
But also post;

2)Mountain Range and sub-range;
For examples:
Range: Himalaya, Andes, Rocky, Karakoram, Alps, Tien Shan, Western /Eastern Ghats, etc.
Sub-range : Garhwal,Zanskar,Assam, Saser Muztagh, Mahalangur, Bolivian, Ecuador,etc.
4)Location from which place the photo has been taken.
5)First ascent (not mandatory )
Doesn't matter if the photos of the peaks gets repeated 'n' no. of times,but it has to be different :)
I hope to get positive inputs

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Mt Rataban(6166m) - Ghori Parbat(6708m)
Garhwal Himalayas
Location :Valley of Flowers National Park, India

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Great Click Rohit.