Mumbai - Coorg - Mumbai (Road trip)


I am planning a road trip with my wife and 7 year old kid in 1st week of Oct. Destination is Coorg.

I have finalised one leg of the journey, need suggestions for a place to stay while coming back.

Day 1 - Leave Mumbai and stay at Hubli for over night.
Day 2 - Leave Hubli and stay at Chikmagalur for the night.
Day 3 - Leave Chikmagalur and stay at Coorg for 3 nights.
Day 6 - Leave Coorg and stay at Udupi for the night.
Day 7 - Leave Udupi and stay somewhere midway to Mumbai.

I need suggestions as to
(1) where I can stay between Udupi and Mumbai that is interesting. I have kolhapur in mind but it's boring. I want to avoid old Mumbai - Goa highway as much as possible.

(2) what to do in Coorg during my 3 night stay.

FYI - my 3 night stay at Coorg is already booked and paid so can't change that leg of the journey.