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Hi Friends! I intend to explore Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai by road with my wife & son and make it a lifetime memory of our family bonding. Days available for Travel 3+3 (3 days one way) and one week break in between in Delhi during the last week of June and First week of July'19. The tentative route plan as on now is Thane-Ahmedabad-Udaipur- Jaipur-Faridabad and Return Faridabad-Gwalior-Indore-Nashik-Thane. Mode of travel is self-driven Toyota Innova with me being the primary driver and my son acting as a backup. I have been driving for more than 30 years but have been using a driver for the past 15 years. I drive really good but have not driven long distances off-late. So am actually unaware of the fatigue and other related side-effects of long distance driving. My son is a comparatively new driver with no highway driving experience and has been limited to city driving only. A review of the route planned with some stay accommodations is strongly requested and Just in case, you can help- Good eating joints on the way ( Dhaba Types) Both Veg & Non-Veg. It helps out immensely and makes the journey worthwhile. Budget is moderate with emphasis on exploring roadside life since my son has relocated to Canada for studies and he misses Indian Roads and roadside life a lot! Thanks a lot in anticipation of all your support and guidance........


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My opinion is you can avoid returning via Gwalior - Indore. Instead come back via RJ-GJ you can skip Ahmedabad.
I agree to your point that city and highway driving is totally different. Not many understand this.

My opinion is you can do this trip, but first explaining to your son that the morons can come on wrong side with full speed or cross the road anytime at their will.
You can drive for 3 hours and then give your son for drive for next 1-2 hours. Only in the first leg; be alert and guide your son. Once your son gets used to; when son is at the wheels you do not drive doze off at back seat. When you drive, allow your son to doze off. Take break every five hours.
Plan such that you cover more distance on Day 1 and taper at the later part.
Moreover you are driving Toyota Innova which has one of the best suspension systems.

As long as there is Passion and will; nothing can stop you. Enjoy your trip and share your experience.


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If you want to avoid Ahmedabad go via Vadodra -Halol-Godhara -mondasa-Samlaji-Udaipur less traffic & toll mostly preferred towards Delhi.
Try Ahura for best breakfast near MH GJ border (Parasi food joint) or
Sugar & spice after Valsad is a best option for food stop.

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