Mumbai-Rameshwaram-Pondicherry-Mumbai December 25 to Jan 1 - Possible?


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Dear All,

I am planning a Drive from Mumbai to Rameshwaram during this Christmas vacation and want to include Pondicherry if possible.

I will be travelling with 4-5 friends and I will be the only driver hence I prefer daytime driving only. Will avoid visiting crowded holy places which require standing in queues for hours.

Can you please suggest a good itinerary please?


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I can help partially.
Start at earliest from Mumbai so you can cover maximum upto bangalore (nearer) which can be easily possible depending upon your driving habbit.
Say if you start by 4 am you can touch down near bangalore late eve. Roads are beautiful with 24x7 road side assistance with fuel and eateries and safe also even if you are little late.
Try to reach Davangere /tumkuru /bangalore.

Next day bangalore -Rameshwaram.
Roads must be super smooth in ka/tn.

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It seems very much doable, Mumbai to Madurai is butter smooth 4/6 lane divided highway, I find this road safe to drive in night also.
Dec 25 - Mumbai to Bangalore (12-14hrs)
Dec 26 - Bangalore - Madurai (Meenakshi Temple) - Rameshwaram (9-10 hrs)
Dec 27 - Rameshwaram
Dec 28 - Rameshwaram to Pondicherry
Dec 29 - Pondicherry
Dec 30 - Pondicherry
Dec 31 - Pondicherry - Bangalore
Jan 1 - Bangalore - Mumbai