Mumbai - Spiti Valley [June 2022]

Thank you all, so much! I am able to build a picture of the location now, places to visit and the night stays.

1) What about diesel availability along the route?
2) Is it advisable not to do any pre bookings and decide where we want to stay on that day? The reason I say this is, there are so many villages, monasteries, sanctuaries, etc. along the way that it may be difficult to plan very minutely where I am going to spend the night sitting here in Mumbai. That may give us some freedom.
3) Are there western toilets in these villages? We would like to stay comfortably, one of my friends is visiting from the US.
4) We plan to leave on 1 June from Mumbai, so that Chandertal, etc. will all be open and we can see all the recommended locations. I hope the dates are suitable.
Most probably Kunzum pass will be open by June. Due to less snow cover this year, BRO (border road organisation) is planning to clear this route by May month.