mumbai to ajmer -best route


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has anyone done recently- mumbai to ajmer by road ? i am planning a trip next month and would appreciate inputs on the following :
1. the best route : i understand the options available is
Option -1 via ahmedabad or
Option -2 via godhra-modasa.
but i was told in option -2 is a state highway and not wide enough like superhighways-4 to 6 lanes . but some says this road is very good-less traffic and is 4 to 6 lane highways and not anymore single deck state highways type.
have travelled earlier by road till ahmedabad and heavy traffic is a headache on this route. would rather prefer less traffic road.

2. for option 2- the best place to stay overnight.

3. any impact on the traffic on these route during the unlockdown ? is it heavy traffic or still less heavy traffic( a pleasure for cars)!!

Please do suggest.