Mumbai to Ambala/Chandigarh Motorcycle trasnportation

I checked and raised a question here but didnt receive any response hence starting a new thread.

I need to transport 4-5 motorcycles(1 Avenger & 3-4 Pulsars) from Mumbai to either Ambala or Chandigarh in first week of June. I inquired with a few transport companies and the lowest quote i got was 4000 per bike one way (Road Transport) which includes door to door transportation, loading/unloading and packing/unpacking.

Is this the best deal i can get?
Is it a good idea to transport by such courier companies (Not renowned like Gati)?
How to manage 4 motorcycles in train to transport as luggage? Also there is no assurance that bike will be loaded in the same train as someone else might have already booked the slots of 2 bikes.
Sending it as parcel may involve 5-7 days but again no assurance on exact time. Also if it reached 3-4 days before i reach the destination, what will be waiting charges? Will it be safe on the platform?

Looks like last and most pestering hurdle of the trip.

Paritosh Raut

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I would like to know the same info. whether Mumbai- Ambala is good or Delhi/Chandigarh should be done. Which train is best suitable to do that etc. Also would like to know if any transport company can do it and approx cost.

Hi You can take it as luggage in train there are two trains from mumbai to chandigarrh Chandigarh and Paschim Express . one train accomodates 4 bikes. Or you can take it to delhi by rajdhai or august kranti charges are officialy 2500 but final will be same as transport 4 to 4.5 k. By train you will get bikes next day. or you can use gati also they also charge 4-4.5 k but you have to handover bike at least 5 days in advance.


New Member you say transportation of bike via train not feasible because IRCTC have too many passenger who are transporting bike to delhi..
I am also planning bike ride to leh from 4th July 14 to 21st July 14.. ive done lots of homework . im from pune so there is only one train which will take me directly to ambala. but as per IRCTC office he said train only stop for 5 min at ambala so therefore your bike not gonna be unloaded . My recommandation will be find any road transport that will take your bike to chandigarh. i gotta deal of Rs-3000/per bike one way... so it is almost same as IRCTC ..IRCTC said it will take Rs 2700 per bike and packaging and coolie charges are additional. So it is same..and private transport is safer to your bike and they also dont charge for parking as IRCTC charge after 6 hours after unloading bike(Rs10/hour).
call justdial and ask them trasporter for bike to chandirgh from your location ...
Have a safe trip
I managed to find a good deal with one of the agents at Bandra Terminus. Transporting bike from Mumbai to Chandigarh for 2600 which includes packing, loading, unloading and his man will collect the bikes n park them in Railway Parking at Chandigarh. ( will have to pay some bakshish to that fellow for parking, say 50-100 bucks )
He will be sending all 5 bikes together in a private carrier (luggage coach) in train. I can share the contact details if anyone needs.