Mumbai to Coimbatore and back July ‘23


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My wife, working in an International School gets vacations in the month of July. We therefore plan all our vacations in that month. The last 5 odd years we’ve been travelling out of the country, but this year we have no plans on hand. I’ve decided to use this opportunity to venture out on a long dream, which comprises a long distance drive. As the game parks all close from June 30th, the options of driving to MP or Tadoba have been obviated. I therefore am thinking of driving south. Oh yes, I live in Mumbai and am retired. My plan is to drive to Coimbatore - No there is no reason apart from it being a nice long drive away from Mumbai and I’d like to drive around the Hassan region. I had been on a school trip down those roads some 50 or so years back and I still have wonderful memories of that region

Anyway to cut a long story short, I’ve made up a small itinerary using google maps for distance estimates and would be grateful if any of the learned and experienced friends here could either outright shoot this idea down as a bad one or offer tips and corrections. The most important feedback would be on how heavy the rains would be along this stretch for the approximate period June 25 - July 20

Pune - Hubli 450km 9 hrs - 1 night
Hubli - Mysuru 450km 9.5 hrs - 2 nights
Mysuru - Coimbatore 275km 6.5 hrs - 2 nights
Coimbatore - Kozhikode 185 km 5 hrs - 1 night
Kozhikode- Mangaluru 250km 6.5 hrs - 2 nights
Mangaluru - North Goa - 400km 8 hrs - 4 nights
North Goa - Mumbai 600 km 12 hours

All inputs eagerly to be welcomed. Thanks for your time friends


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Your route plan looks good.There are two routes to Coimbatore from Mysuru one through sathyamangalam and another through Ooty,I recommend the Ooty route and you can stay for a night there and proceed to Coimbatore the next day.You may face rain once you enter Kerala and while traveling along the coastline.


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All looks good, however avoid Mangalore and Kozikhode. Unless you have relatives to visit at both places & want to visit them.
Kozikhode to KL-KA border Road widening work is in place, avoid for next 2 years. Then you can plan a trip all along NH66.

Alternate Proposal
Pune - Hubli 450km 9 hrs - 1 night
Hubli - Mysuru 450km 9.5 hrs - 2 nights [Take Hubli - Tumkuru - Kunigal - Madduru - Mysore route]
Mysuru - Coimbatore 275km 6.5 hrs - 2 nights
Coimbatore - Madurai
Madurai - Kanyakumari
Kanyakumari - Salem [Yeracud]
Salem- Hassan [Salem - Bangalore -Hassan, target to cross Bangalore during noon]. Do not take Electronic city flyover take NICE ROAD.
Hassan - Shimoga [Sakrebylu Elephant Camp]
Shimoga - Jogfalls - Belgaum
Belgaum - Mumbai


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Thanks so much Deepam. No I have no relatives in either Kozhikode nor in Mangalore, but I do want to travel through Goa on my return. I have relatives and friends in both South as well as North Goa that I need to catch up on. I believe the 4 landing work between Mangalore and Goa is now complete and is a superb drive. Besides that this looks like a super route.

Would you happen to know the condition of the roads on the other stretches and are the times shown by google close to what’s achievable. I never drive beyond 100kmph, however smooth the tarmac may be

You mention Madurai-Kanyakumari-Salem. I can’t see any Kanyakumari on this route. Is that a typo for Karur by any chance.


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What will you do in Goa 4 nights during rains. Avoid too much time in Goa and spend that time wisely.


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What will you do in Goa 4 nights during rains. Avoid too much time in Goa and spend that time wisely.
If you read post #4 you’ll see my reasons for spending 4 days in Goa. In any case what specifically constitutes “spend time wisely” to you in this context. What would you suggest as an alternative so that our time is spent well