Mumbai to Himachal Pradesh with Family by Road


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Starting 1st week of April 2018, I am planning to go on long vacation from Mumbai to HP with family (wife and daughter) in my own car (Duster).

We have around 40/45 days in hand.

We want to explore some tourist like manali etc. some not so tourist places like Kasol, Parvati Valley, etc.

We intend to drive max 5 to 6 hours per day to reach the next stop en-route, start everyday post breakfast at around 8 and reach next stop by lunch time around 2.

I am very much concerned about the safety the female passengers and want to avoid night driving / going to secluded places / driving on crime studded highways.

Can you please give inputs on where all should we take stops and what all places to go and see when in HP?

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Hope you will enjoy your visit in HP

As per my opinion Hp is much safe state so there is no issue regarding any type of crime but better to drive and settle in hotel till evening. If you want you can drive upto Shimla-Rampur-Sarahan-Kalpa-Sangla-Chitkul in april these are good places to visit and hope to see now too. (Go there if you are comfortable to drive in narrow,rough roads)

Can also plan to Dharamshala-Kangra
here you can see Kangra Fort, Bhagsunag Fall, Tsuglagkhang Complex, Tibet Museum, Naam Art Gallery, Dharamkot and Kunal Pathari Temple. Many temples are here.

Bir Billing for paragliding, Barot-very beautiful village

here u can visit khajiar, kalatop sanctuary

and for kullu manali you know well. its very famous place.

Yogesh Sarkar

Himachal is mostly safe, though chances of encountering idiots goes up significantly around known and popular hill stations.

As Arun said, driving from morning till evening shouldn’t be an issue in hills. Because otherwise you will be traveling at max 100-150 km per day.

The real issue is going to be during the journey from Mumbai to Himachal, which will take at least 6 days (one side), if you would be driving 5 hours a day.


VJ Kumar
Himachal is safe during night drive, as I always do night drive to Himachal, But still I suggest you to drive during daytime only.
You can explore this route Delhi- Ambala-Kasuali-Chail-Shimla-Narkanda-Jalori Pass-Kasol-Manali- Back to Mandi- Palampur & Kangra - Dharamshala-Dalhousie- (Return Journey to Mumbai) Pathankot-Jaladnhar-Amabla-Delhi -Mumbai.


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Thank you for so many inputs, really helpful in planning our stay there.
Yogesh, exactly my concern. I am too paranoid about the Mumbai - HP route than stay in HP itself, especially because we will be passing through Rajasthan and Delhi.
In the past I read very scary accounts of crime against women on long and lonely Rajasthan highways; Delhi and surrounding area are also in the news often for same reasons.
So my question, where all should I take halt going from mumbai to HP and coming back (preferably different stop to experience a different place when returning)?

Another question is will Duster be able to handle the roads of HP. Are the terrain too steep in HP? I have driven to Ooty without much issues in Duster. It's NOT 4x4. Should I also buy snow chain for the car??


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Do not worry about handling the roads of HP. Mostly roads are in good condition now. Many people done all these area using tata nano and alto 800, Even i have covered mostly area of himachal (remote areas) in maruti swift but you have Duster so you will enjoy your ride well. As i read blogs on bcmtouring many people done same route mumbai to leh so never heard any kind of issue but avoid to travel in night with ladies passenger in day time there will be no issue

please check this travelogue too

Pune to Rajashtan Road trip on My Santro GLS fom 17-Dec-17 to 25 Dec-17 > 8.5 Days

Yogesh Sarkar

Even though it is a good idea to err on the side of caution, being paranoid about it isn’t going to help you. Recently I did a road trip to Rajasthan and my female friend was the one who drove the car throughout the trip. You can read the travelogue here, Road trip to Rajasthan (Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Sam Dunes and Jodhpur).

There are plenty of other female friends of mine who travel alone in North and drive. On multiple instances, I have traveled with female drivers driving at night in the highway and although a few might just try and mess with them, majority doesn’t care! In fact, in case of an accident or clash, a male driver is much more likely to get beaten up than a female driver, who would likely just be allowed to leave after apologizing.

Of course, the roads aren’t entirely safe, be it for men or women. And it is part and parcel of living in this world. Usually, if you drive a little defensively, leave your ego at home, avoid getting into arguments and races, you should be fine. In fact, admitting your mistake and at times, even admitting them for the sake of ending an argument is a good thing.

In Ladakh my friend Rahul hit Inder’s dad’s car (Inder and his dad are local drivers.) Not only was there no argument because Rahul admitted his mistake (even though it wasn’t entirely his mistake) and agreed to pay for the damage, Inder actually left his dad at the repair shop and was helping us get Rahul’s car fixed, so that it could be taken back to Delhi! Had Rahul gotten into arguments and tried to flee (quite a few people try and do that), it is highly unlikely he would have even made it to Sarchu before getting stopped by the taxi union and bashed up, and then I wouldn’t have helped him either.

So be a little cautious and be aware of your surroundings, hope for the best and prepare for the worst, and you should be fine.

Best option is to start early in the morning (5-6 am), since the traffic is low at that time and usually there are no drunks on the highway and stop around 5-6 pm, which would give you around 10 hours of driving time with a couple of hours of break and you will be easily covering 500 km a day in plains.

As for Himachal, your duster would be just fine. People even drive Nanos there, so a Duster would be more powerful than most cars locals will be driving and unless you plan on tackling off-road trails for fun, there is no need for 4x4 or for that matter, snow chain.


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I am feeling more confident to do this journey now, thanks to you guys :)
I will keep prepare a tentative itinerary now and post it here for your guidance.