mumbai to Meghalaya


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Hi Friends,
After a very long gap in communications n travel, have finally decided on taking a road trip once again...And once again would appreciate help, feedback suggestions from you all. My Queries

1. Please advice the best route form Mumbai to Meghalaya...will be travelling in my Fortuner 2014 automatic with 4 0r 5 people at the most. would be leaving Mumbai around Feb 15th or 25th 2023 latest
2. Where can i get a Physical Road Map
3. Budget hotels or homestays on the way
4. Planning a 23days that enough and comfortable. Day driving only. Aprox expenditure to and fro.
5. Suggested Itenary..would prefer a not so frequented locations
6.. Any other advice
Would love to pay for the road maps of highways for India.
Thanking you all in advance ..Your help would mean a great deal