Mumbaiker biker please help!


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I am looking for a Mumbaiker biker who is willing to help a biker from London buy a second-hand Enfield Thunderbird.
I arrive in Mumbai 14th December 2010 and leave on 14th January 2011.
My plan is to buy, then sell at the end of my trip.
I am hoping that a kind Mumbaiker may help with ownership issues arising from me not being a permanent resident.
I am willing to buy at market prices then re-sell at a lower price after the trip.
Perhaps we can negotiate a deal which would benefit us both.

My intention is to ride south along the Konkan coast to Southern Goa and perhaps beyond to Gokarna before returning to Mumbai in good time to sell the bike. I have been studying the market prices on Sulekha classifieds and feel this may be the ideal site from which to buy and sell the bike. This will be my third visit to India. I have covered several thousand km on a hired bajaj avenger during my previous trips.

I would be extremely grateful of any help or suggestions regarding this matter, It is my wish to organise any arrangement so that all involved benefit. Please get in touch either through this forum thread or by personal message if you think you may be willing and able to help a fellow biker explore your beautiful country a little more.


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The only quote i managed to get for motorbike hire for the full month was prohibitively expensive so I intend to buy second-hand after having a reliable mechanic give his opinion and complete any needed or desirable work.
As a non-resident, it has become clear to me that the transfer of ownership documents and bike insurance would be nigh-on impossible or extremely lengthy. I have therefore been advised that a possible best course of action would be to find a trustworthy and kind Mumbaiker who would be prepared to register ownership of the bike in their name before 'lending' the bike to me for the duration of my trip. Clearly, as the money would be spent directly by me, no financial risk would need be undertaken by anyone other than myself. Indeed, I would be very glad to pay well for time and assistance that smooths my ride.
I fully intend to resell the bike at the end of my month in India to recoup much of my expenditure. Even selling at 25% less than I paid for it in order to guarantee a quick sale would prove far less expensive than 1 months hire.

Vik M

Sir, i'm not Acquainted with bikes, coz i generally travel using local transport.
The itinerary which i posted was originally posted on web by Vatsal.

Mumbaikar's please help him out..


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I can accompany you to the gokarna trip, and perhaps sell the bike too. There is someone who wants to buy.

Please write me to durlov at gmail.