Munnar road widening

Hi folks,
Am back here after a very long while. I hope to fill you in on the why if and when I post about my bike trip to Munnar.
But having been there, I would like to inform others about the very bad road conditions over there.
There is major road widening going on in the Kannan Devan hills, with the Kochi to Munnar to Thekaddy section having being upgraded to National Highway status.
Ergo the earlier single lane, or one and half if you please, road is being widened to a three-lane road capable of handling heavy traffic. As a result the roads are in a mess with some major portions being closed for traffic through the day.
I went to Chinnackal from Theni-Bodi. The road up to Bodi Mettu is fantastic. However, post that it is very bad. Add to that excavators, heavy earth movers and tipper lorries vie for space along with boulders dumped along the road side.
Thankfully I took a diversion immediately after Bodi Mettu towards Chinackal and avoided the mess.
But the next day while going to towards Munnar was a real effort.
The scene is similar for the trip from Kochi side to Munnar. Though the Munnar to Top Station road is fine.


Road 4.jpg
Chat with locals got the information that the expected finish time for the project is 2020. But with the way things are, that looks highly unlikely. Plus the recent flood havoc in that region has added to the woes. So am expecting this to drag beyond 2020, with maybe a few sections getting completed.