Music Phones !


Avoid Nokia,
go in for Samsung or SE,
the Beat is good as suggested by rascal

^^have seen so many high-end Nokia phones having the famous "hang" probelm, the ones supporting SD cards
btw, I bought some Logitech in-ear bud phones last week, thinking they might be better. I went home and compared them on notebook to Sennheiser MX***. They were so useless I returned them.
Can't believe you bet on Logitech and heck, compare it to Sennheiser MX series :shock:

Rascal needs to be introduced to something like this!
Sirjee, Rascal needs no introduction. He owns one, used one....8)

@Shiva bhaisaab,
AVOID NOKIA at all costs! Though E series is the Exceptional series but rest, please avoid.
And if you really want a phone just for music, shut your eyes, check with your local dealers, N91-8GB FTW.
See this!
N91 - Greatest Music phone ever???
Good! But then how were you endorsing the other headphones? :eek:
Just suggesting a product doesn't means endorsement. Endorsement means Modi-Tharoor ....:p
What I have suggested is also a class product! Well the thing needs to be taken care of is that only class products are suggested.
If HPM 70 is a class, MX250, 'MX***' is class apart!