My Classic 350 Motorcycle Diaries

Ravi.. bhai did you feel any strain on engine when you drive on 90kmph and what is the max crusing speed or bike as per your experience.


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did you feel any strain on engine when you drive on 90kmph and what is the max crusing speed or bike as per your experience.
I cruised mostly around 80 kmph, sometimes touching 90 kmph, as specified in the owner's handbook. I had to control my urge to go beyond 90 kmph. My Blue Bird did not feel any strain any where: it was sheer joy to ride it. :) I did not do triple-digit speed in any of previous bikes too [Suzuki Fiero/Hero Honda CD 100].


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My Blue Bird's Rear Embossed Number Plate

Today, I fitted the embossed registration number plate at the rear of my Blue Bird. I drilled two matching holes using Bosch drilling machine and used the same screws to fit it.


The existing OE front registration number plate looks very good without screws. I did not want to drill fresh holes on the existing registration number plate for holding the new embossed one. So, for the present, the stock OE registration number plate will continue to adorn my Blue Bird until I find out an effective way of fixing without drilling holes.


I tried to place the spare clutch cable in vain, first in the utility box [RHS], and then, in the fuse box [LHS], but they did not want to accommodate the intruding guest as there was no space available. So, I have to carry it in my tank bag. :(


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Blue Bird Crosses 1,000 km

Today, my Blue Bird recorded 1,000 km in the odometer at Ananda Rao Circle, Bangalore in 40 days. :)


One km earlier:



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Bangalore>Mysore>Gopalaswamy Hill & Back

My Blue Bird took me for a big ride today. :grin:

I left my Basaveswara Nagar home by 5 am on my Blue Bird to Mysore. I rode non-stop for the next 2.5 hours to Hotel Mylari, Nazarbad, Mysore, located 145 km from my home, where I breakfasted comprising 4 soft, oil-free dosas and sagoo and served with coconut chutney washed down by coffee. This was an old hotel run by a family. Although, the sign board says no branches, I found one more original Mylari Hotel [with Vinayaka inserted somewhere!] diagonally opposite to this real original!




After sumptuous breakfast, I rode to Gopalaswamy Hill, a part of Bandipur National Park, where an old Gopalaswamy temple is located exactly 228 km from my home. The last 5 km of the road were really bad. I was lucky to spot a herd of elephants numbering about 10 not far away from me. But, since I was advised not to photograph the wildlife, I controlled my urge to click a few pics.














I returned to Mysore, had a couple of mango lassis and buttermilk at Nandini milk parlour and headed to Chamundi Hills and spent some time in clicking some pics.




Later, I started my homeward journey. There was a thunderstorm between Mandya and Maddur. A big tree fell because of windy weather creating a traffic jam. Had evening tiffin and coffee at Adiga's at Maddur and reached home by 7 pm after wading through another big traffic jam at Channapatna because of road works. I enjoyed riding on my Blue Bird for 480 km. :)


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Handlebar Holder For My Blue Bird & Gloves For Me

Today, I received the made-in-China handlebar holder from Deal Extreme costing :r: 601.49 for holding my navigator for my long distance riding. The next in the list is either 12 V charger with switch and fuse or a power bank for energising my navigator!




My friend presented me with a pair of water-proof made-in-Pakistan Teknic gloves that he brought from the USA. I already have a pair of all-weather Cramster gloves.






Great going Ravijee!
Seems that the riding bug has bitten you and HARD :)
Wishing you kilos of kms of rides...

One value addition would be to get a LED fog lamp(or a pair) which really improves the riding in the bad roads/night.


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Congrats for new accesories..
Thank you, nitinraina07.
but where is cramster jacket's review?
Does Cramster jacket need a review? :grin: I wore once from Krishnagiri to Bangalore for about 100 km in the night. Due to nice weather, I removed the thermal layer and wore it. It was nice with snug-fit. With Cramster jacket and gloves, I felt more protected. Shortly, I will be doing Bangalore to Chennai trip leaving early in the morning, when I propose to wear it for the entire trip.

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Yesterday and today, my Blue Bird was busy with shopping errands in Sheshadripuram and Malleswaram. I rode my bird in the lanes, bylanes and conservancy lanes behind the Malleswaram cross roads without any difficulty disproving the popular urban myth that 500 cc Royal Enfields were unfit for city ride. :supz: My Blue Bird recorded a fuel efficiency of 28.20 kmpl after today's tankful of petrol.