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Today morning, while washing the Blue Bird, I noticed one spoke that got cut near the hub and was dangling freely on the rear wheel, which was rotating slightly unevenly, indicating slightly bent rim, but I didn't feel any wobbling, while riding. I was in two minds: whether to ride to Pudupet, where wheel truing mechanics were available or to the nearest Royal Enfield authorised service station, Sri Velavan Motors, Anna Salai, Chennai, located just 2 km from my home. I chose the latter, called them, fixed appointment for the after-lunch session, rode there and got the work done costing ₹ 382 including replacement of one spoke priced ₹ 9. They took two hours to finish the job that included removal of the rear wheel from the bike and removal of tyre and tube from the rim and fitting them back after wheel-truing. Now, the rear wheel rotates freely and evenly.

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Can you explain about WRUTH synthetic Engine oil?? It was in RE ASC? How it can be sourced.?


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Can you explain about WRUTH synthetic Engine oil?
Going by the price, I doubt it is synthetic. Maybe semi-synthetic.
It was in RE ASC? How it can be sourced.?
When my bird had the fifth service at a non-authorized service station [JAF, Chennai], it was recommended and used. But now, I reverted back to the Royal Enfield authorized service station because the non-authorized ones don't have expertise/spares in EFI engines. During the sixth service, the specified Liquid Gun was used. I don't know where Wurth engine oil is available in Bangalore.


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Better late than never.

Today, Blue Bird got a pair of auxiliary LED lamps fitted. Last week, I bought them from Sandhya Auto Spares, J C Road, Bangalore and got them fitted by my trusted electrician Taj at Pudupet, Chennai. Taj felt that it is better to get a pair of base-plates welded to the crash-guard and fix the LED lights on the base-plates. He ruled out my suggestion of drilling holes directly on the crash-guard itself to avoid disfigurement due to welding. Finally, I rode to the nearby welder Umapathy and got the work done. Later, I bought fuse carrier and base-plate for accommodating the switch. Taj was very busy with complete wiring of a Bullet. Two more Bullets were in the queue for complete wiring. In the midst of his busy schedule, he completed the job neatly.

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In another 15 minutes or so, me and Blue Bird will leave for Vizag, the first leg of our Golden Quadrilateral ride.

Origin: Chennai Royapettah home

Destination: Hotel Winsar Park, Visakhapatnam

Distance: 819 km.

Wow, hats off to you sir. You inspire us so much.

Hope you have a great tour. Ride safe and keep us updated.

Cheers !!


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Blue Bird brought me safely and comfortably to Hotel Winsar Park, Vizag at 8 pm today.


Many sections near Ongole, Andhra Pradesh are being widened to 6 lanes. The existing road surfaces are being scrapped leaving a groovy-type of surface at Chilakaluripeta between Ongole and Vijayawada. I could not ride my bird on that scrapped surface. Blue Bird was wobbling dangerously. Also, the entire width of the road was like that leaving no other option to ride on a safer surface.

In the evening, many school kids returning from their schools in their school buses, were taken aback when they saw me riding my bird wearing all the riding gears with full face helmet in that hot summer! They waved their hands.

Even now, my Thunderbird 500 managed to turn many a heads at the hotel, petrol pump, while waiting for the green signal, etc. Enquiries were made regarding the auxiliary LED lamps and my Navi Maps in my phone with 12 V charger.

Coming to the topic of my mobile phone, the wind force was so heavy in the morning, it dislodged my phone from the holder and it flew out, but luckily, I took a catch on my left hand, thereby saving my mobile. But, on the second time near Chilakaluripeta, I was not lucky. It flew out as I was going in 100 kmph speed and dropped on the road. Fortunately, there were no vehicles behind me, I came back and retrieved it. Thank god, it did not break; only some scratches on the back side. Immediately, I stopped and called my wife to test whether the phone worked. All the apps also worked. Then onwards, I kept it safely inside the transparent sheet on my magnetic tank bag.


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Me and Blue Bird arrived safely and comfortably at Central Bed&Breakfast, Kolkata at 1:30 am today. We would have reached atleast one hour earlier, but for the mother of all traffic jams created by the truckers at the entry point of the city and at Vidyasagar Setu toll plaza even at this ghostly hour. Even the two-wheelers are not spared; I paid ₹ 5.


The complimentary breakfast buffet at Winsar Park, Vizag was lavish and delicious.

Yesterday, we crossed one inter-state border, TN to AP. Today, we did two, AP to OD and OD to WB.

Petrol is cheaper in OD than in AP and WB by ₹ 5/litre.