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Will my Blue Bird give way to the limited edition Pegasus?

Are the days numbered for my Blue Bird?

I will know the answer on 10 July 2018 at 2:00 pm! :)
Considering the disappointment shown by Pegasus owners/prospective owners over launch of dual ABS signals edition I think you should stick with Blue Bird.


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Recently, I ordered a Givi A603 Airstar universal windscreen [$ 113.40], Dowco Fastrax Backroads tank bag [$ 117.99] and Alpinestars Celer v2 gloves [$ 99.95] with and got them shipped to my son at Round Rock, TX, USA, who brought them to Bangalore.

A couple of days ago, I fitted the Givi universal windscreen on my Blue Bird and rode about 10 km in Chennai. The fitting was not exactly a DIY. I took the assistance of my wife and brother-in-law to hold it in proper position, while I connected the two bars with the handlebar clamps and tightened them. The entire exercise took about 15 minutes. Blue Bird with Givi A603 Airstar makes a style statement, no doubt. Psychologically, I feel the wind blowing on my chest has reduced and the aerodynamic wind movement helps better speed. I will write more on this after testing them on a highway.



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Today, I visited Sri Velavan Motors, Greams Road, Chennai and checked the new Royal Enfield 650 cc Twins. I really liked Interceptor. I sat on it and felt fully comfortable on the single narrow seat. I was told the Chennai on-road price is just less than ₹ 3 lakhs, which is very attractive and tempting. Now, I know, what is in store for me in 2019! O:)



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Today, I test-rode Interceptor 650 at HSR Rajajinagar, Bangalore on a bumper-to-bumper traffic for about 4 km on Dr Rajkumar Road. I liked:

* When on the side-stand, the engine started; but, when the first gear was engaged, it got switched off.
* The purring of the engine - although unlike the traditional Royal Enfields - was sweet to my ears.
* Contrary to my expectation, it was easier to manoeuvre on the busy road; much easier than my Thunderbird 500.
* Contrary to my expectation again, there was absolutely no heat felt from the engine, although it was a short ride; much better than my Thunderbird 500.
* Excellent power and torque, which helped me overtake all other vehicles on that busy road.
* Excellent fit and finish.
* Superb brakes.


I disliked:

* Missing kick-starter and the heel pad on the gear lever. I got used to pressing the heel pad for upshifting the gears. The kick-starter comes in handy, when the battery is down in my Thunderbird 500.
* I could not grip the tank with my thighs unlike in my Thunderbird 500.
* I was not comfortable with the position of the front foot peg. I placed my foot on the brake lever several times unknowingly.
* Having used to my Thunderbird 500's high handlebar, I was not comfortable with the semi-crouching position while riding.
* For both the right and left turn indicators, only one warning lamp with two arrows got illuminated on the instrument panel.
* Narrow single seat. Although I was comfortable during this short test-ride, I don't know how it would be during long mega rides.


Let me have more test-rides before taking a final decision in the matter.
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Yesterday evening, I visited Royal Enfield Brand Store, Adayar, Chennai and had a second test-ride of Interceptor 650. Here are the details of my first test-ride. I was the third in the queue. I was told that I could ride as much as I liked. Nobody from the store accompanied me. I rode for 8 km on the Besant Nagar beach road and around and returned to the store as more people were waiting for the test-ride. I got used to the semi-forward riding position and the foot peg position. I did not feel any heat during that 8 km-long ride. I could go upto 80 kmph in 3,500 rpm in the sixth gear and enjoyed the ride fully. After the test-ride, I gave a detailed feedback on their laptop. I have already decided to book one in Orange Crush in the new year. :)



When a decision is made please let me know. I may consider buying your pristine TB500
I have decided to book one in Feb 2019. :) Sure, I will inform you.

Ample time though.
Yes, a couple of months, perhaps.