My First Leh Bike Trip 2017 with Group


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My First Leh Bike Trip 2017 with Group and Second Leh Solo 2018 bike Trip

First I am explaining about my 2017 leh Trip, I am writing first time such story so please ignore grammar mistake. Thanks.

Both with group and solo have different kind of experience and i found what need to take care in future trip.

When you start any kind of Trip and you want to make it successful you need same kind of person as you are otherwise you are going to regret your trip.

Same kind of person mean when you going for tough ride you need to be mentally and Physically strong and Punctual also. these are very important thing to success your trip.

it is 2017 9th June when Gurgaon to Leh trip decided. all member was from my office. I know one person directly and others indirectly.

we decided to start journey on 9th June night so planned to meet at Amrik Sukhdev dhaba at 9PM.

I have reached Dhaba at 8.45PM and started waiting for others. after sometime i started calling person who suppose to there and they said they are coming in 1 hr.

i waited, after 1 hr they said some issue on one bike will take another hr, I have waited. it is 11PM now. I called them again they said there is a call opened for some IT technical issue. yes we all are IT professional.

call closed at 1AM and they reached to me 2AM at Dhaba. I was angry like i will hit them but somehow i managed myself to cool down.

I was not leading that trip. there was a guy who already visited earlier Leh and he was on KTM bike. I am assuming he is expert on bike and for such trips.

if you feel this is interesting i will share after it... Thanks.

Pardeep Dhounchak

जाट देवता ने कहा है : घुमक्कड़ी किस्मत से मिलती है
Keep pouring.........

Pardeep Dhounchak

जाट देवता ने कहा है : घुमक्कड़ी किस्मत से मिलती है
Aage kya hua?????????????


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uske baad humne riding start ki aur karnal toll cross kiya, humara lead bola usko neend arahi hai... :-|

usne waha 1 ghante stop liya.

uske baad hum start karke ropar gurudwara pahunche 8-9 baje subah agle din.. waha sab log 4 ghante ka stop kare aur fir start kiya 1 baje..

fir poore din drive karke hum raat ko Mandi pahunche.. waha ek hotel lekar rest kiya..
mera dimag kharab ho chuka tha abhi tak..

fir next day maine sabko time per start karne ke liye bola.. sabne bola theek hai.. fir sab log raat ko daaru peene lage..

agle din sab 9-10 baje sokar uthe.


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kisi ki bhi bike mein Ladakh carrier nahi laga tha... 2 ghante unko saman bandhne mein lag gaye..
baar baar unka saaman gir jaata tha bandhne ke baad.. fir subah humne 12 baje mandi se start kiya yah soch kar ki ab keylong jakar rukenge.
hum 2-3 ghante mein manali pahunche..

tab leader bola ek bande ka permit nahi bana hai. uska permit banwana padega ..:mad::mad:


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maine socha thodi der mein permit ban jayega.. lekin humein wahi shaam ho gayi aur permit bhi nahi bana us joker ka....
fir humne bina permit hi start kiya, ek bande ka permit nahi tha..
shaam ke 8 baj chuke the.. humne rohtang pass cross karke keylong stay karne ka decide kiya.. normally raat ko rohtang pass koi cross nahi karta

humne start kiya finally aur rohtang top tak kisi tarah ludakte huye aadhi raat ko 1 baje pahunche.. fir sabko waha thand lagne lagi..
raat ko waha bahut thand thi... sabne bag se daaru ki bottle nikali aur ek dhaabe wale ko utha kar maggie banwai
daaru pene lage.. uske baad 1 ghante ke baad driving start ki.. jaha bhi rukte woh thodi der mein daaru peena suru kar dete..

hum 8 log mein se 4 log drive karte huye aage agaye aur chaar log peeche gayab ho gaye.... raat ki 3.30 baje the....