My first post and a few bird/animal/insect pics


Being my first post, a small intro:
Me is Nitin Gera, a trance nut, a bike addict and bitten by the photography bug.
Currently in Delhi (stay)/Noida (work), been into biking and touring since 2002, done a couple of trips, ride a '00 CBZ (call it the blue thunder). Latest hobby is photography

Seeing so many gr8 pics here, thought i will add a few from my side.
Comments/Suggestions/Criticism most welcome
Sorry for the large number of images on one page, have tried to keep their sizes less


Juvenile Shikra

Egret in breeding plummage

Draonflies Mating

Egret Flight


Bee Eater

Yogesh Sarkar

Nitin welcome to BCM Touring, been a fan of your photography ever since I saw your Dragonflies Mating photo on PAAI. Wonderful photos you have posted here, Egret flight is a fantastic shot
@Yogesh: Thnx buddy, glad u liked the pics, and its great to know u r a fan of my photography :)

@Sksy: Thanks for looking and appreciating, haan still using the FZ20, but that has become my secondary camera, all these shots are from a Canon 20D and 70-200/4L (non IS)

@Nav: Thanks for looking, well i was about 12-15 feet from it, took this shot on a safari in Israel, wish it were close to give me a kiss/hug, wanted to take a gud close of its face :D

Well, the FZ20 also someitmes suprises me with a pretty decent bokeh..:), the L costed me 30K, here in delhi.

SKSy_Biker said:
hmm. ok i was wondering how you got such good dof and bokeh with FZ20.. how much did the L cost you?


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Egret in breeding plummage
That's about the best I have seen; not just from you, but in general.
And that Cheetah almost looks like posing for you!

Gr8 way to open your account here.
Keep 'em coming.
@powerslave: thnx buddy, appreciate your comment again.

@Salil: Thanks for the generous comment Salil esp from a good photographer like u.