My Journey to Leh


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I know I owe BCMT this travelogue with all the information, innumerable photographs that made the Leh roads so familiar though it was my first trip, the maps, and the relentless response of Yogesh and many other members which I would mention at the end of the travelogue.

The intention of the travelogue is to instill confidence in other like minded people and encourage adventure spirit.

Day 1: Home – Waaranga Phata, Maharashtra

I do not know if I should call this trip a ‘Solo Trip’ as many would call it. But frankly, I was not alone, all along the trip I could feel the presence of God, he is leading and I am simply a pillion rider.

And then, the bike, felt like a living companion, poor fellow, never failed at any time on the entire trip. Not even missed a single heart beat. Not even a puncture.

So, the trip is made by three of us, the God driving, my loving bike, and me, a humble pillion rider resting my hands on the handle bar just to balance myself.

Two days before the start of the journey I was not sure if the trip would start off at all. Doubtful finances, original bike RC book not in my hands and what not. Finally, just two days to go, finances made available, leave however sanctioned and now, its sort of I am committed to the trip. My nephew, a young fellow of about 26 yrs who was to accompany me on this trip on his bike backs off. Never mind, somewhere in the corner, I wanted to do the trip alone. And the wish is granted.

Having read so many travelogues, initially planned to go for all the safety equipment, spares, Quechua shoes and what not. But, couldn’t get any stuff at all. Not even riding gloves. One way it was better, make the trip as simple as possible. Just got the bike checked in general, changed the engine oil, chain tension adjusted. Bought a spare spark plug, plug spanner, chain link, an insulation tape, and then the old tube from my attic. Of all these, nothing I used in the entire trip excepting the screw driver to tighten the left screw of my visor of the borrowed helmet.

Photographs: I know most would be interested in the pictures because, it’s a quick way to go through the journey. I carried a simple Nikon coolpix camera which is also a borrowed one, plus my own Canon powershot: not DSLRs or any such things. I am very bad at taking photographs. Most of the photos were ‘I – had – been – there’ pictures. Being alone, and being lazy to learn the self timer, the bike represents me in almost all the photos; which again a disaster since in most of the photographs bike covers most of the picture. So, the attempt is a disaster. I know its disappointing to most of the readers.

The photo psychic is; why the photographs in first place? Its not for yourself, its not even as a souvenir, because the experiences are so strong that you don’t need the help of a photograph. Also, let me know, how many of us have taken a photographs when they were experiencing the most memorable movements of the journey like water crossing, the slush, Zozilla or Rothang. Our total concentration is in demand to augment the situation so much so that we even forget that we carry a camera. So, either way, photographs have taken a back seat in my entire journey which I would try to compensate through description, provided that readers have enough patience to read on.

Start Odo: 53200


Time: 6:30 am
Time for alarm was set as 3.30 PM!! Instead of AM; the resultant late start. Simple mistakes on trips like this could lead to lot of inconveniences and even to problems.

Getting ready to start

Little prayer:

On NH7 Hyderabad 75kms to go

Crossed morning traffic of Hyderabad with ease. Soon I was on NH7 once again. 2582kms to go if I continue on NH7 which I didn’t though:


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By 1 pm I reach Dichpally where I say good bye to NH7, on to Nizamabad road. The start of bad roads saga which would accompany me till Yamuna Express Way on my return journey.

Saw my mother, took her blessing, started again at 3pm.

Crossed Godavari at Basara

Baasara on the other bank of the river Godavari. Typical evening clouds building up, would it rain ?

Another two hours, cut for Nanded at Bhainsa. Odo says 5348 and its 5 pm, had nothing to eat since morning excepting few teas. Tried some samosa, left half of it since they were too spicy. I turn to Maharashtra border. The police check on the borders, he left me alone however.

As the sun goes down the forest starts and undulating topography which leads into forest and then hilly terrain. Little scary, little curious. Roads really turn bad with sudden deep pot holes. The Sun sets

Soon its pitch dark, cant see a thing in the opposite traffic headlights. I must lower the headlights angle of my bike in the next stop. Somehow reached Bhokar Phata and enquired about any stay options there. They curiously look at me and ask me to go to Nanded which I had bypassed. I decide to go ahead instead, roads bad to worse; tried at Ardhapur without any success. Finally reach Waaranga Phata where I could find a small lodge which is mainly meant for truck drivers. Simple room without toilet. Try to eat something an hit bed. Lots of truck traffic. A road deviates to Nagpur from here. Lots of truck noise all the night. In normal conditions it would be irritating but here, the noise, the screeching halts of trucks, the noisy horns, they gave me a sort of assurance and slept off.
Odo: 53646
Dist. Covered for the day. 446 Kms.

Would I complete the trip? I just kept my mind open, I myself do not know yet. What all I aim is next day's journey, not the Leh. Anyway, I have option to return from wherever I chose to. With this mind set, I slept off. Not tired, but wanted to rest for next day’s journey, a sort of charging my biological battery.
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Pareesh Trehan

Pareesh Trehan
Khagesh Ji,

It would be the father of Logs. Great start & desperately waiting for unfolding a new saga. Kindly mention the dates also so we can understand it better.:rolleyes:
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People call me ARUN.....
Khagesh sir... this is for you :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer:

NH7 till Dichipally reminds me of my trips to my Dad's hometown.. He was born in a village called Surjapur in Adilabad district. We go there very often.


Wow Khagesh Sir... Awesome start.... You are narrating really well so don't worry if the pictures aren't of great shape...



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Pareeshji, I am sorry, I take a note of your suggestion, my first day was 23rd September, 2013, Monday. From now on I will mention in the heading itself.

Oh yeah Arun, thats good. I very well remember the NH7 starts its original form between Adilabad. Though I met NH7 at Seoni, till Nagpur, that is about 100 kms ok, but then, just non existent till Adilabad. Nice topography though, Adilabad, Nirmal. quite a lot of hills and forests. You are lucky to have it as your home town.

Santosh, thanks. Not all the members are interested to read like you. Many want a quick look. But remember, easy come is easy gone too. Thanks.


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Khagesh Sirjee....what have you done....sirjee...killing start.....maar dala...:rip::rip::rip::rip::rip:

sir we are hungry for more..... so pour it more...

Travelling from Maharashtra to Leh..OMG.....:prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer: