My Journey to Leh


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Thank you all for your appreciation.

@ Pareesh
Thank you so much. Yes, the water was so nice, especially when its from a spring which are plenty in hills where u see the locals, lorry drivers collect it, so tasty. Much much better than the bottled ‘mineral’ water Pareesh.

@ Prabhaker
Yeah, in a way, I am lucky for the forum part Prabhaker. Fast? Well, if I don’t do it now, I will never do it you see. I know I am notorious for laziness.

The trip was done with really barest minimum and you are right, I was stretching each KM. I really did not need luxury just to spend a night, or just to have simple veggie meal or water. For this reason I spent my nights on roads, Dhabas to decent hotels to tent at Pang etc. Whatever came along my way I utilized it. Daal roti, or subji roti with some salad and curd is more than enough for me to keep going healthy.

By the way, when in Delhi I met Pareesh personally and another person I wanted to meet was you and Yogesh. Unfortunately, I did not note your number. Finally ended up spending few hours in Delhi with Pareesh, joining him for Lunch with lovely homely food after so many days, while my bike was getting serviced in Bajaj Service Centre.

@ Nandu
Nandu gaaru, if you plan to do this trip on bike, think twice before taking the route I had taken. The roads, I tell you, really bad bad.
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Sir, Congratulations on completing this wonderful trip.
And thank you for taking us along thru your wonderful narration and pictures, Will keep checking for updates :)


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Thank you all. Lets move on to third day journey.

Day 3 : Burhanpur – Ratlam 25th Sept 2013, Wednesday

As usual got up at about 4 or 4:30. Everything is closed, not even a tea shop. Lazy city. Finally a tea shop opens near the bus stand. A fort like structure around this area. Saw a guy obviously a sweeper of street because he was carrying a big broom on his bike! Didn’t had camera in hand that time. Finally started at 6:45. Head towards Mhow. On the way thousands of cows I see, they take them to the nearest forest for grazing. Literally thousands of them. Soon I find myself in Satpura ranges:


Bike into reserve at Odo: 54031. Filled fuel tank full. First refuel after leaving home.
Took a deviation of about 16kms for Omkareshwar.

10:35 Omkareshwar Odo: 54113
Had to cross this bridge on foot for the temple. Omkareshwar is located in an island in Narmada river.


Had a bath in Narmada river and Darshan. Not much rush inside the temple.

Rock cut by the Narmada river over thousands of years: The other bank from temple side

12:30 Turned back, crossed the bridge. Tried to have some lunch. Curious items, couldn’t eat much. Just left everything and bought some curd and ate rice.

The Indore Highway connecting road:


Joined the Indore Highway once again and from the bridge over Narmada river:


Soon started climbing Vindhyas 1:50pm


Good greenery, snaking roads over Vindhyas, nice to ride here. Road condition is ok. Bike took the ups in 4th gear itself. That’s good.

The surrounding dense forests and snaking roads: Feeling quite happy here.


Just after the ghat road, took the deviation from the main road to Mhow. Lonely road. I carryon, crossed Mhow. By 3:30 pm at Pithampur. Odo: 54197

Have to join the Bombay Jaipur Highway.

Here, at Lebad; about 10 kms before joining this highway, the roads are really bad. Shin deep slush, truck traffic. The slush is so much so that I was almost sweating for about one and half hour to cross six kilometers of slush. Opposite truck traffic makes the crossing even worse. The slush is so slippery, at one point I apply the break and the I completely lose control over bike and I was pulled towards right without any steering control. To my horror, the oncoming tuck also applies break and he lost control over his steering, veering towards his right, which is in collision course. This torture I endured for about another half an hour or so. The life around this slushy roads in this town goes as usual, normal, as if this slush is part of their life. Could this be the case at Rothang? I don’t know yet.

Once on Mumbai Jaipur highway, out of the slush, tried to clean the slush on my front tire which was so much that it filled gap between tyre and the front guard. So sticky it was.

So many dogs killed on the way. Hundreds of them may be. Crazy traffic, crazy truck traffic.

Soon it was dark. A toll booth on the highway before Ratlam.


Had to get down the highway to get into Ratlam for the night stay. Found a place to stay Hotel Sapt Sarover. Economy hotel, without attached bath. Rs.200 rent.

End of the third day. Time : 7:30pm Odo: 54323
Run for the day : 339 kms
Total run for the trip: 1123 kms.
Tomorrow’s destination: open minded. Had dinner and slept. Not tired, feeing very active. Yet, the need for biological battery recharge. Have to rest.
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Yash Rathore

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Hey Kagesh.. First of all congratulations for completing your trip.

Log is beautiful and travelling alone is no mean feat. It is very inspiring.

M just curious to know... Did u ride to Leh on discover or platina?
(M sorry couldn't figure it out myself)


Khagesh Sir ultimate 2nd and 3rd Day's experience. I can understand 2nd days discomfiture coz of bad roads.. great to see a new acronym.

I was more of reading your narration than looking at the pictures, great narration sir and pictures are good too. Hats off to you :prayer:



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Thank you Yash. I was using Platina, you would see it in my next day's travelogue.

Also thanks to Santosh too. New acronym? well, there is another one too;

I always use center stand on my bike, not the side stand. Though little time taking but I developed this habit for a reason. The continuous usage of side stand is likely weakens the LHS shock absorber because the bike is is tilted to left and the weight is on left left side, not centred. With this, we are likely to get pain in our left waist if we are riding for longer distances. It is imperceptible but you can feel it. So, I was using center stand. But with this luggage at the back, its impossible to mount the bike without a tilt to left side. For this reason I had to use side stand for tilting the bike to mount. As I am not used to side stand I always use to forget to push it back before the start and many a times I found it engaged when the vehicle was moving. Secondly, in the recent past, never used helmet. So another thing which is new to me. Many a times I forgot to clip the buckle of helmet. This also caused bit of distraction which lead to stop the vehicle.

For the above two reasons, I developed a safety system; whenever starting the ride, even if it is a short break also, Clip; to check the buckle of helmet clipped, Stand; side stand to disengage, and then Ignition; start. So in short, this check I used to do before each ride CSI (another acronym for you:) ) We used to do checks like these when we were flying like pre-flight checks etc which still are vivid like CHIFTWAP etc. Dont ask me the full form, I know it, but it would be off the topic. Its not a forum for flying.

Things like these might sound trivial, but they save you from incidents or accidents which may prove fatal sometimes.

Enough lecture on acronyms I suppose. :grin: