My Journey to Leh


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Dear Khagesh sir,

Ouch, you almost spanked me. By your words. Heh heh.

Regarding english, you have expressed everything perfectly, while I don't even know the meaning of 'dexterous'.

So true about education today. I think it was the nobel laureate Alexis Carrel who declared that ''every newborn child is a genius, only to be converted into an idiot in school.''

Makes me wonder what I'd have been had I not gone to schooling.

How was your trip sir? Hope all hale and hearty. Can't see anything in the signature....perhaps I need to replace my blackberry now... old 2015 phone still going strong. A bit like you sir.

Awaiting your travelogue. And when are you planning Gujarat trip?

Dear Rohit,

Having come all the way this long, I was waiting for your reply.

Alexis Carrel... isn't it time now to look for our own references.. hamara bhi koi baap hai, woh bhee strong... :) not taking western standards....

Nevertheless, knowing a few words would just put us in a better position in saving time and effort in making our idea clear and effective but ultimately what counts is the idea itself. No?

Travelogue is on Rohit. Here is the link. here

Love to make a family trip to Gujarat. Just getting settled after such an exhaustive trip now.

Take care.