My Journey to Nepal


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Thank you. My travelogue holding your attention till that wee hours proves my efforts of writing this travelogue have not gone in vain.

Yes, it could be sunstroke too. Havent thought of that angle at all.

Whatever it was, it hit me really so hard, so much so that I just didn't care anything, I just wanted to get little energy which could make me ride my bike.

I vividly remember that morning my senses were telling me that I must seek proper medical attention, just left with some cash in my pocket and left everything in the hotel room.
No need for thanks Sir, rather we are thankful to you for such details and narrative.
Yes you had no options but to leave precious belongings back at hotel as carrying too much cash in pocket too was risky in such conditions.

Did you had some thing fried like Kachori and Aloo ki Sabzi around 24 hours before cramps started.