My Journey to Nepal

Very fantastic solo trip at this age . Unbelievable. You have become an inspiration to many of my friends. Very nice write up. Even though the pictures are less, they are taken beautifully.


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Very fantastic solo trip at this age . Unbelievable. You have become an inspiration to many of my friends. Very nice write up. Even though the pictures are less, they are taken beautifully.
Thank you. Just like my Leh solo trip, I penned this travelogue mainly in a hope to help others with similar interests, especially of the mistakes those could be avoided. I am truly happy as my purpose is being served.

Now, coming to the pictures. To begin with solo trips are totally different from a group trip, fun oriented where as the former being adventure oriented. All the while during the trip, the rider is either completely absorbed in enjoying the trip, or busy in negotiating the situations especially on those terrifying slushy roads of Annapurna in rain, even more terrifying inclinations of Kathmandu Hetauda road in rain, fog and mist where one could see hardly ten feet ahead of him.

Another factor is probably my attitude. Pictures are to show others, we personally don't require them for we are part of it and the impressions they make on our minds are indelible. In addition, or may be as a consequence, I am not good at photography. Though I carried a DSLR (borrowed one) I hardly know how to handle it. I am aware that all the pictures were a sort of I-had-been-there sort, not good.

Thanks once again.


Once again I feel that I owe this travelogue to BCMTouring from where I get information, made friendship who are ever helpful, gave moral support at times of low spirits during my recent solo trip to Nepal. Apart from the BCMT friends there are many others without whose support my dream trip would not have become a reality. Though I do not take the names of all those by names and their pictures on a public forum I am all the time aware of their support and help. Above all, as I said in my earlier Travelogue on my Leh trip, though technically it’s a solo trip, its three, literally three all the time, The God, my loving bike, and me, just a pillion rider, taking all the credit saying I have done this I have done this, see, my pictures; what a false pride!

I aim to write my experiences to help other travel enthusiasts especially those who plan solo trips, even if their destinations and itinerary differ still, it would certainly help in the way of building up confidence, avoiding mistakes, and most of all to know the insights and instincts of a traveler are of great importance for me.

The trip spanned over 38 days; a long way to go.

Planning, arrangements were as usual minimal. I had to manage with whatever is available in this remote area where I live which is called Lingampet, a hamlet. Closest town is Jadcherla which is about 85 kms south of Hyderabad on Bangalore Hyderabad Highway.

Bike used is the same Platina 100cc which I used for my Leh trip and it never failed me, not even a single beat missed in those extreme testing conditions with such a heavy luggage when I was pushed hard on to the handle bar in those steep and tight roads of Nepal.

To cut the story short, I started my trip as soon as the school where I work closed for summer vacations. Bike serviced with oil change, chain tension adjustment and all the control cables changed. Tools and spares carried, few spanners, adjustable spanner and a spare tube and a spark plug with a Phillip screw driver. None of them I had to use excepting the screw driver to tighten the RVM screws twice.

Day 1: 21st April, 2018 Sunday

My home to Hinganghat 565 Kms

Started at 6:30 AM after little prayers.

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My stead is ready. I noticed the weight of the baggage is more but can’t help it. The warm clothing and the DSLR bag occupied much of the space and it was heavy too. Barely enough space for me to sit.

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The journey begins. Sun is already bright.

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Hyderabad 75 kms to go. The butter smooth roads till Adilabad which I am going to miss for a long time to come.

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Just before the road deviation for Nizamabad, the butter smooth roads continue.

The Sun is too hot. Just too hot. Every half an hour or so had to stop. The tyres are really getting hotter and hotter. After 4pm the intensity of heat is low. For a while thought of stopping at Adilabad but again I have to go about 7 kms leaving the highway. No, continue I say to myself. This is the problem on the highways. We plan either to eat or stay at a town and we continue our ride. At the last minute there is a direction board take deviation 19kms or 23kms for that town! Obviously, we skip that town and look forward something on the highway itself.

Atleast the road signs atleast for till Seoni, then all the sign boards gone due to road expansion work. We do not even know the name of the town on the way and how far we have to go. Well, this would be not the case with everyone because these days almost everyone uses smart phones.

Upto Seoni, I have driven this road on my way back from Leh so I know after Adilabad so many deviations. Its pitch dark soon. Suddenly there is a traffic jam. A truck carrying nearly a dozen new tractors overturned. No way I could stop and take a picture nor I like to take the pictures of any accidents.

Around 9pm wanted to have a tea. Dhabas normally have cots spread in the front and people resting on them. Saw one such place and parked my vehicle and asked if they have tea. And the person on the cot replies that it’s a police station! So funny. He was in civil dress, in a banian due to extreme heat. Anyway, they offered water. He advised there is a ghat section ahead and not to stop my bike even if someone asks me. Curious. A ghat section? There? near Hinganghat? Anyways thanked him and started the ride. Just ten minutes into drive a young boy without headlights zooms across with his bike. A near accident missed. Lucky, a heavy truck wasn’t coming in the opposite direction, lest a fatal accident.

Hinganghat: 9.30pm. The worst part of the daily routine begins; hunt for a hotel room for the night stay. End of the day. The young boys at the reception of the hotel ask the routine questions and they calculate the distance and the time taken by me and they arrive at 37 kms average and start laughing. Yes, easy to laugh, but the heat was such and I was not in a race. Poor fellows they would not know it would even come down to as low as 12kms later on.
TN-20 :):) Happy to see your number plate :)


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TN-20 :):) Happy to see your number plate :)
Yeah its a Chennai registered vehicle. I live in a very small village called Lingampet which is 15 kms from Jadcherla on Hyderabad - Bangalore Highway, 85 km south of Hyderabad.

I clearly remember, on my Leh trip, when I stopped at Magnetic Hill just close to Leh there was one person, obviously hired a car to visit that place from Leh. He asked me in Tamil if I drove all the way from Chennai. I can fairly communicate in Tamil by virtue of my job and stay at Ooty and Coimbatore several years.

Yes, its nice to see the familiar things in the least expected and far flung places. I don't know if I have a picture enroute Muktinath with numberplate visible.

Thank you for your response.