My new Royal Enfield Classic 500 EFi !!


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Hello Guys ! Here again with a problem :(
My 3 and a half year bull, a Classic 500 EFI BS III (Manufactured Jan 2017) has developed a problem.

The first battery fitted with the bike (Excide 14 Ah ) lasted for about 1 and a half years. Got a new battery of the same model, which died in another 8-9 months. The replacement also died in another 6-7 months.

On suggestion of Shehzad of Biker's clinic, got an amaron 9 Ah sealed battery. This lasted for about 6 months. The replacement battery is currently on the verge of dying :sad:

Shahzad now says that the battery is not getting charged properly. He checked the battery and charged it for 2 Hrs with a battery charger, and the voltage rose to about 12.4 V.

He also checked the RR unit too, which has a capacitor fixed to it. The voltage shown at idling was 12.2 volts, and on revving, same increases to 12.8 V max. Shahzad says RR unit needs to be changed. He changed the RR unit, which was not an exact match ( was missing the extra capacitor) and the voltage on revving shot up to 18 V. However, since this new RR unit was heating up, he removed it and fitted the old one.

Understand that the RR unit with capacitor was used in BS IV bikes, and it is difficult to find in market.

Went for a second opinion from a Mechanic at RE's service center at Noida named Sanju. He says there is some problem with the alternator, and alternator needs to be changed.

I am in a state of confusion as to what is the actual problem? Has anyone faced similar issue? Remedy?
Suggestions are welcome.