My Quench of Exploration -- My travel diary to Dayara Bugyal, Himalayas

अन्वेषण – Exploring myself into the wild – My first trek! - Dayara Bugyal, Himalayas.

भूमिका / उपकारज्ञ – Preface and vote of thanks – My sincere thanks to two of my friends, Santosh Swaminathan, and Bhagya Sridhara. Santosh for providing ultimate “gyaan” on mountains and the pre-requisites and most importantly offering his entire trekking gear! Santosh, I am truly privileged to receive valuable information and the trekking gear from such a vibrant person like you! Cheers mate!! Can’t wait to travel with you!
Bhagya – Can’t thank you enough for your suggesting Dayara Bugyal! It was worth a life! Keep the momentum and craziness alive!!

विज्ञाप्ति / Announcement:- I am very fond of the Sanskrit language and hence these titles and subtitles! this will continue…

समाप्ति -- **THE END**​
I was not sad, nor I was disappointed! My feeling was -- Each cell in my body was jumping with joy and ecstasy for having experienced something beyond my imagination! Is this called being ecstatic and fantastic? Fantasy is fantastic?! Little did I care what is it called, but what was important, was to wish to have this feeling every moment! Because… “THIS MOMENT” is inevitable!
Are you thinking…Why so much exaggeration? Check this "teaser" yourself!!

Peek-a-boo! -- Morning 5.47 AM, Mt. Shrikanth Mahadev - Kedar Ranges


Below is a glimpse of Gangotri range from my tent :)

प्रथम उपाख्यान -- Episode - 1
बालावस्था -- Back to the childhood

कुतूहल - The Curiosity...

It was the year 1995, A seed of craziness was planted in me and this further grew to be the curiosity. I was in my 9th Standard, the place where I lived was Ramgundam, a town in Telangana State. This place had few hills and greenery though the temperature is/was quite hot. It was during the summer holidays where I had this thought of trekking to one of the hills nearby, just to see what is up there! I used to go to my school this way and I was always curious to know what would be up there and wonder how would it look from the top. That moment, I decided to experience this and I still remember that adventurous (LOL) day when I decided to at least walk up the hill half way and come back. My initial estimation about this hill was "trekkable and walkable" However, this hill had no defined pathway and it looked gigantic when I reached the foothill. I really wish I had a pic! It was around 4.00 PM when I started my walk. It was quite a task and approximately I had walked about 2km to reach the hilltop and it took about an hour. It was very hot, but I was really amazed by my achievement. Though it looked deserted and crazy and a little scary, I enjoyed the time! I promised my mom to reach home by 6 PM, but it was almost 5.30 PM when I started descending. That moment, I did not care about anything. I was jumping with joy after experiencing that and I still remember that view of the beautiful reservoir which was adjacent to this hill... MAN, it looked like a sea :)

विजय - Victorious

At that hilltop, I told this to myself --- We should do something bigger and crazier than this and it should definitely be the white mountains...
And it took 24 years to fulfill that :D

स्थातव्य / To be continued...


Santosh Swaminathan
Wow what an motivation... Didn't know you had a history behind this trek... Love the build up... Keep going...

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