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congrats on your new boy. looks stunning. i too had ideas about an interceptor but had to shelf it as already i have 3 two wheelers and wifey keeps vetoing the idea.
Thanks brother.

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The Ghost Who Walks
Service report.
Got the First service done on 23/4/2019 at 462kms on the odometer.
called them around 2pm and asked if I can come by 4pm as it is not possible for me to come early in the day and they said ok sir bring your motorcycle we will do it. Reched the service center at 4pm and they started wirking on it by 4.30pm.

My complaints.
1 Rattling/ lose seat.
2 lack of feel in the front brake lever.
3 noise from rear brake.
4 kat kat sound from front end on broken patches of road.

unlike other companies they first started working on the motorcycle and finished it off with the wash.

*10w50 full synthetic Lquid gun 3.1 ltrs engine oil is used the took the oil from a 50ltrs plastic drum right in front of me. It was by Bharat petroleum if I am not.
* Big chunky oil filter was replaced using a proper tool to remove it .
* Drain bolt was opened up and to my surprise there is no plastic strainer filter inside the drain bolt.
* After removing oil and oil filter the inside of drain hole and the oil filter hole were wiped off by clean cloth.
* Air filter was cleaned with compressed air. and the air box by clean cloth.
* Battery terminals were checked and tightened.
* All pivot points were cleaned and they apply spray lubrication.
* Important bolts were re torqued.
* Clutch lever play was adjusted (They did it too tight now).

For complaints.
1 Extra rubber that was attached to the seat pads was refixed more properly this time and no rattling now.
2 Front brake caliper was bled for air and for now lever has got the feel back but one mechanic was in favor of changing the master cylinder kit. So will use it for few days and get it checked again.
3 The rear brake pads were cleaned up and now the noise is gone.
4 The kat kat sound from front, the mechanic showed me that the disk is riveted to the spider and there is some play in it and thus it makes kat kat when it moves, I checked this by hand and found it to be true.

Total Bill came out was Rs. 2711.00/-
* 450/- oil filter.
* 2011.90/- for 3.1ltrs 10w50 engine oil.
* 249.00/- chain lube and clean. This was optional but I went with is this time, and now I have messy rear rim as they apply too much chain lube.

attaching here the relevant pictures and also the tool used to remove the oil filter.

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Congratulations on the new bike - it looks stunning.

The review was superb as well! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures with the twin. :)
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