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Unfortunately the bird must wait till next weekend :( Some family stuff came up and so this was shifted down in priority and bumped to next Sunday.

Thanks for the reply, Ravi sir. In the owner's manual they do mention to use high octane (91+) fuel but I guess all petrol available in the country conforms to that standard. Some of my friends were of the opinion that the fuel injection gets messed up due to carbon build up and/or impurities so I should go for the premium fuel. My dad's Rapid, though, runs perfectly fine on regular petrol. Thoroughly confused. :(


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Chennai>Kanniyakumari>Chennai Within 25 Hours

1482 km in less than 25 hours. 67 kmph. 31.7 kmpl.


The story goes like this: I have visited Kanniyakumari, the southernmost tip of the Indian mainland, many times. But, my Blue Bird, aka Thunderbird 500, hadn't. So, the other day, I decided to take her to Kanniyakumari so that she would get conversant with geographical boundaries of India. I cleaned and lubricated the Blue Bird's chain, washed and got her tank filled upto the brim during the last few days.

We [self and Blue Bird] left our Chennai Royapettah home by 4:10 am on 21 November 2013 [Thursday] without caring about the cyclone warnings, depressions, rain forecasts, etc. We reached TVS Bharat Petroleum pump on the Trichy bypass road - my usual place whenever visiting Trichy - at 9 am and the Blue Bird got tankful. Then, it was my turn for my bellyful!
We left after sumptuous and tasty breakfast at 10 am and reached Kanniyakumari at 3:40 pm after another refuelling and couple of photographic breaks.













The original idea was to halt at Kanniyakumari and return home by the next day. I had packed enough dresses, undergarments and other paraphernalia required for a couple of days. But, after reaching Kanniyakumari, I felt that I did not need any rest and had energy, physical fitness and mental alertness to undertake another journey immediately. By chance, if I could not continue my riding any further due to fatigue, I had a lot of staying options en route. So, quickly, I changed my plans, completed my clicking and left Kanniyakumari by 4:40 pm and reached home by 5 am on 22 November 2013 [Friday] after getting drenched in rain at Madurai bypass road and from Acharapakkam to Melmaruvathur.









This was the route taken. Excellent 4-laned NH 45/45B/7 all along except a small stretch of 2-laned Madurai bypass.




Now that the Blue Bird visited the southernmost tip of the Indian mainland with ease, she could visit the other tips in NEW, i.e., north, east and west in the coming years.
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Ravi Sir

May I say that you truly are an inspiration to younger riders like me. We would not have even dared to attempt almost 1500kms in 24 hours that you have done. Thank you and may God bless you and your Blue Bird with many more kms on the road :)



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Cracked Odometer Replaced By Royal Enfield Under Warranty

Today, my Blue Bird had her odometer with the cracked glass replaced with a new one by Royal Enfield Chennai OMR service station under warranty. :)

The story goes like this: today, I rode on my Blue Bird to Royal Enfield Chennai OMR company service station for some brake, clutch and chain adjustments, where I met fellow BCMT'ian ThunderBull [Babaji] thanks to BCMTouring sticker on my Blue Bird's rear mudguard, who had come to get his cracked odometer replaced and also for regular servicing. When I saw his Thunderbird's odometer, I was shocked, because, even my Blue Bird's odometer was disfigured like that. The tragedy was, my Blue Bird had these cracks right from day one without my being aware of their presence. I ignored them thinking that it was a kind of reflection on the edges. But, he confirmed that they were cracks on the glass of the odometer. Immediately, I included the cracked glass of odometer in my list of complaints. The SA too confirmed that they were cracks and assured that they would do the needful and noted down in the job card. I met Mohanakrishnan, the service manager, who also assured that they would take care of it. I was observing sitting in the customer lounge that the old unit was dismantled and new one fitted under warranty. The other faults were also attended to satisfactorily. I was not charged for anything. Since the cracked glass of the odometer is a common problem in all the new Thunderbirds, I feel Royal Enfield should proactively recall all the new Thunderbirds for replacement of the old odometer with a new one without waiting for the customers to complain against it. There may be many ignorant customers like me, who might have missed the replacement but for fellow-BCMT'ian ThunderBull. Thanks a lot, Babaji for pointing out the cracks on the Blue Bird's odometer glass.












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After 14 days of hibernation, the Blue Bird electric-started in the very first cranking. The tyre presssures were less by 4 psi and got them filled to the specified pressures. I have to take the Blue Bird for a long ride to clear the backlog! :)


After ages of waiting, going to get my TBTS500 day after tomorrow, God Willing. Just now went & saw my fairytale getting out of the truck. I don't know what to say now. :-]
I will have a hard time sleeping tonight.