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Day 20: Haridwar 02.06.2022 (Wednesday)

Sorry for the long break. Just too many things to manage including an accident.

This day is sort of a rest day. A leisurely bath at the Ghat of Ganga.


Had the ghat for myself. A long bath, Sandhyavandanam, tarpanam and rudrabhishekham in one of the many temples we can easily find in these ghats. The little temples are deserted yet clean. Had my own abhishekh for no pandit is assigned for these temples. It was so nice to watch people now and then come and do Pooja in their own way.


Nevertheless we get an occasional visitor to the ghat. One can sit simply under the shade of many large trees present and watch people in different moods.

When get bored, just walk in any of those lanes and bylanes, usually narrow, here and there one can hear some devotional activity related sounds, bhajan, hanuman chaleesa or simply a temple bell or a shankh pooran. Such a nice ambience. One can just get lost in these lanes blissfully ignorant of time.

Finding a nice place, no, a simple place to eat, is always been difficult when on the move. Anyways managed food in one of those road side eateries. Took once again a long walk to the Hari ki Pauri. Did not dare to go inside for aarti instead did some window shopping in those narrow streets off the Upper Road.

Bought some lychee fruits, back to hotel and hit bed.

Day 21: Haridwar – Dehradun – Delhi train 03.06.2022 (Thursday)

Nothing much left in the travelogue anymore other than going back home by train.

I have the train in the evening to Delhi. But need to go early to book my bike. Started around 9:45 and reached Dehradun 10:45 am. Anon-stop drive.
The same apprehensive feeling. I would happily ride back home but this time, I had to concede to the request of the family.
The Booking clerk agreed to book the bike till N.Delhi. Bike packing; nearly four litres of fuel I had to forego. Plus I gave that helmet to the packing fellow. Bike booked.

Unbearable heat. Had to spend all the day at the station in that heat. Left the luggage in the cloak room. There was a langar again, right in front of the Dehradun railway station. Had lunch. Evening meal just across the road.

Boarded the train to Delhi. As usual, the trains in Northern India, never follow reservation compartment rules. Anyone can board any coach and many a times even without a ticket. No TT, no checking, no police. I am aware of this fact. Just managed to get some sleep.

Day 22 & 23: New Delhi – train back to Hyderabad - Home 04 and 05.06.2022 (Friday and Saturday)

Morning Delhi, Metro to New Delhi Railway station. Luggage in the cloak room. Bike hunt and saga of bike booking ensues. The rules for the transportation of motorcycle by train change in the Railways according to the whims and caprices of the staff at the station that you book your bike. New Delhi is worse I suppose.

The booking clerk refuses to book my bike for it’s not in my name when it just came by the same Indian Railways from Dehradun! Immediately I could understand what the problem is. It’s the commission problem. When the argument was going on with the clerk, the private vultures await for their prey. Managed to book through the private agency who charges Rs.5,400 which is just too exorbitant by any means. Money speaks, all the rules chucked out of the window.

Just too hot, unbearable. Even the AC waiting hall is too crowded. Lunch in one of the many restaurants just opposite the station. Boarded the train to Hyderabad.


Lounge of the railway station of Indian Capital City!!!! New Delhi railway station main entrance from Pahargunj side. Curiously, first time I see such a big ceiling fan with huge blades.

Again, no rules, anyone can occupy any seat. Luckily they allow you if you have some reservation but another two to three will share your seat and even sleep in the berth that is allotted to you. Even toilets are crowded.

Next 24 hours crammed in that little heat, nearly without food or drink. No TT, no check, no police. One can easily travel in a reserved compartment even without a ticket all the way from Delhi to Hyderabad or go around the all the North Inida I suppose. Just madness.

Happy to get out of the train. Took Metro to MGBS and took a bus back home.

Thus ends the saga of my third solo trip to Himalayas.