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Hire agents to do such train bike work which you have considered a tough job.
You need these agents only.
They will quote you an amount which may seem more but only way out is this to get things done easily.
We have dedicated section of Bike Transportation on train and you can get info on google also.

Small Railway Stations also have agents and agents are more friendly.
Big city agents are not friendly but do their job anyhow after some chasing.
Prefer small stations to start and end if possible.
Avoid Big City Stations.
Instead of Delhi try for Haridwar / Dehradoon direct train and train should be one only. No changing of trains.
Thank you Satinderji.

I did the same thing and learnt the same lessons. The saga will reflect in the travelogue at the appropriate chronological place.


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Waiting for those short stories inside this travelogue.
Yes Tilak, the short narratives give our insights which might help understand the spirit of travel. As the saying goes, the destination is just a point what matters is the journey to reach the destination.

Many insights certainly accompany the travelogue as usual.


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But why people undertake such trips, why mountains. After a long contemplation what I gather is they humble us, they make us sober, they teach us humility and they make us feel insignificant. All that accumulated ego needs a vent. This is a perfect place.

What a quote :)
Thank you. These are the benefits of doing a trip solo. We speak to ourselves a lot on the trips, we contemplate, we observe, we endure, no matter what we portray, the harsh realities teach us a lot in such trips.

At one point of time, I even wonder, do we really want to make a trip to some x y z place, or want to make a journey by itself no matter what the destination itself. On contemplation, its the latter one what our inner spirits long for. No? May be I could be wrong.


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Day 1: Home – Delhi 13.05.2022

The preparation is not much as usual. Just got the bike serviced, tyres and tubes changed for they served me from my last Nepal trip, worn out completely.

Not many tools, just two double end spanners, a plug spanner, a screw driver and a nose plier. I know this trip is through habitation and regular ply of traffic; unlike Ladakh and Muktinath trips. This time no ruck sack, just a small travel bag and a back pack. Minimal clothing but thermals and a scarf which really saved me from that bitter wet and cold night at Kedar, Madhya Maheshwar and Tungnath treks and at Badrinath later.

Since my flight is scheduled in the night, left home after a hurried lunch at 1:50 pm. Bus to Shamshabad to get to Hyderabad airport. Plenty of time. Unbearable heat, dust and pollution as usual.

The first catastrophe; the strap of the bag meant to drag on wheels snapped; well, its expected on inexpensive bags. Reached the departures at Hyderabad airport. I feel so out of the place.

My bike already reached NDLS, waiting. Feeling sad. I prefer ride peacefully than feel this misfit feeling at airports. Somehow I do not feel at ease at airports nor onboard. I am not a frequent flier. May be this discomfort feeling is particular to me or to those who flew at command.

I better get done with this mundane part of travel fast.


Leaving behind the concrete jungle. What are those lights, why everyone is so busy, everyone seems to be in a hurry but about what? Clumsily took a picture from the window. Trying to guess the places that I pass through the window from those visible lights. Reminds me of that little prince watching a kid on a superfast train.

The boring urbane bons mots of the crew and passengers as well. They said food included on my ticket. They serve food nearly everyone excepting me. Well, they must be bringing mine in their next trip. But nothing happened like that. I unsuccessfully tried to be suave but I give up. Anyway, what could those fancy packings must have contained? Try not to look at what they eat for the sake of decency but easy to guess, just cucumber from my garden with a fancy name and with a much fancier wrapper around it.

As told earlier all these perceptions do not come without a reason. Having sat on the controls at takeoff and landing where all your senses are working to their fullest, this type of flying is quite boring.

Soon at Delhi. Happy to get done with it. Time 11:15, nearing midnight. Now my priority is not food but to get to the Terminal 2 which they say is 9kms away. To my relief the transfer of the baggage is done by the airliner, only my backpack to manage now. 1:20 at T2. No food no drink. Hang around on the waiting chairs among fidgety passengers. At this hour, so much rush! Entire humanity seems to be restless but about what. Well, too tired, tried to get some sleep unsuccessfully. Those reclining chairs all occupied.

Just want to get out of this place as soon as possible and join my bike at Dehradun and be a free bird. Finally the announcement for Dehradun passengers comes I pass through the check, the dawn broke.

So many aircrafts, hundreds of them. Such a huge place. Pushing my curiosity aside, mechanically I board the plane to Dehradun. I wonder how people survive long international flights in those claustrophobic environments.