My Travel Trip - Chennai - Ahobilam - Mahanandi - Srisailam - Chennai


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My Travel Trip - Chennai - Ahobilam - Mahanandi - Srisailam - Chennai (Total ODO: 1210 KM)

Route: Guindy - Porur - Poonamalle highway - take right to (tirutani-tirupati) - Thiruvallur - Tirutani - Reinigunta - Kodur - Kadappa - Allagada - Ahobilam (total KM one way: 403)

410KM is just to reach Ahobilam.. and from there, we need to visit upper Ahobilam - so add another 50KM to it.

My swift Diesel was ready waiting for us to take us for a long drive. Myself and my friend started the trip from Guindy on 21-Apr-2011 (thursday) @ 3:00PM. We took the Bangalore higway route via Porur, Poonamalle. From this higway, we took a right to catch the Tirutani - Tirupathi Highway.... our travel was on .. and we reached a junction which shows a sign board .. take left to Tirupathi.... in that junction you will need to take right.. just proceed further say around 3 KM, you will get a circle.. from there take Right to Kadappa (we where bit confused, so again cross checked with a shop vendor and went on confidently). The surprising thing was, they are not aware of a place called Ahobilam.. so we need to ask them for the well known place like Kadappa, so that you will get the proper guidance from them :)

Keep going straight - you will see couple of sign board showing Kadappa - left sign arrow - and KM less than 20.. do not take Left .. as it will take you to the city. Keep straight and you will reach a circle - from there take right to Allagadda - again, any confusions ask people, because every few KM you will find a village, and the thumb rule is ask for the next station rather than asking the route to the final destination.

Once you reach Allagadda - you will see a circle - take right to goto Ahobilam. In Allagadda you will have lot of people to guide you to Ahobilam.

When you start entering the Kadappa region, you are entering the forest zone and more importantly Naxalite zone.. so you will be checked at the check post and asked for your details.

Our major part of the journey started in at around 7PM, which was dark.. and the disadvantage is there are lot of UNMARKED speed breakers which I believe would have laid by the villagers for their saftey..

My first speed breaker was unexpected, and had a tough time to stop the vehicle.. after which we got to know that every village start and end you will have speed breakers.. and our assumption was right.

The disadvantage in travelling night is most of the vehicles have minimum 4 to 6 lights in their vehicle and will blind fold you by brightness.. even though you dip or dim.. they are least bothered.

Roads are awesome all the way.. beautiful scenic.. if you travel in day..

We reached at around 11:15PM at the forest checkpost of Ahobilam which is just 15KM before the temple. The security guard did not allow us beyond the checkpost and said we need to wait until he can accompany us with another car.. reason... there is a fear that we might be attacked by thiefs if left as a single car.

Logic or illogic.. we did not go much deep to debate with him, so we waited for around 20 Mins, we got another car with family.. and the security finally allowed us to join them..

but, that 15KM streacth in the night, is really frightening and it is dead dark.

The mistakes we did :
1. Started our travel late afternoon, and had to cover most of the KM in dark.. having trouble with the headlights of opposite coming vehicle.
2. Did not book any room in advance thinking we might get the room in Ahobilam.

If we do not get rooms at Ahobilam, then we need to again travel back to Alagadda and stay there...

You can much before call Mutt and get the rooms reserved for you and then plan for your trip. There are 2 places for accomodation.. one on the mid way to temple (in forest), and another one near to the temple (preferred).

Now, experience of temple.. you need to also block for a guide to take you to the other temples in upper ahobilam and this is you will need to walk all the way on the rocks.

The toughest part is to visit Pavana Narsimhar.. because the 20Km+20KM streatch is so horrible that you not find a road.. you will need to hire a jeep to travel .. because if you take your personal vehicle.. 1. you will be lost, 2. your vehicle parts will be gone due to the bad condition of the way - Full of rocks, huge potholes...

On single day, we saw all 9 narasimhar and then took some rest.. next morning we started to srisailam and visited Mahanandi which is on the way to Srisailam.

Road to Ahobilam to Srisailam is Awesome, the beautiful part is.. you will have to travel around 50KM on Ghat section to reach the temple.. and a scenic place... and on the same day we returned back to chennai from Srisailam... till Ongole.. you will see lot of narrow car can travel comfortly.. but when you see antoher vehicle on the opposite direction.. you will need to get off road which is not flat.. it has lots of humps, so need to reduce the speed so that the car does not get hurt badly.

Thinks to note for Ahobilam:

Try to cover most of the KM in day, and before you plan ensure you have booked rooms in advance so that you do not have to run between Allagada and Ahobilam.

Hire a guide, and ask him if he can take you until Stambam..(for more info about stambam, you will get it from Wiki).. we paid him Rs.600.

The 5 temples are located in the mountain, once you come back to lower ahobilam, you will have 3 more temples to visit which is inside the forest, for which you will need to hire a jeep.. they will charge you minimum 1500/- to 1800/-.. he will take you to the balance 3 temples.

You can call the Ahobilam Mutt and have this booked too !!!

Any questions.. let me know !!!

Om Namo Narayanaya

Some pics I took in Ahobilam:



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here are few more pics as per your request :) .. I was not able to take pic of Srisailam due to rain



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You did not mention about your tour to Mahanandi, Srisailam from Ahobilam. Please mention in detail as I am planning to have a trip to these places from Coimbatore in Sept or Oct.




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I am Planning to go Srisailam this Diwali from chennai.Can you kindly tell me how is the ghat section road(dod or path holes).Panning only for Srisailam