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TRIP 1 (May 2017)
TRIP 2 (June 2017)
TRIP 3 (July 2017)

TRIP 4 (Sept. 2017)
TRIP 5 (Nov. 2017)
TRIP 6 (Jan. 2018)

I wanted to visit Kashmir for a long time and explore some places which I haven't been to. Made an itinerary and posted on the forum (can be checked here: Kashmir in April). But had to skip most of the places due to the volatile situation in inner parts of the valley and shortage of time. Maybe soon will visit again.
Myself: Nadeem
Ride: 2012 Yamaha R15v2

Few teasers for now


(Pano of Martand Sun Temple, Anantnag)


(Mustard fields with snowy mountains in the backdrop)


(A rivulet in Pahalgam)


(Wildflower in Aru Valley)
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Day 1. Left Jammu early morning at 4:30am and covered distance quickly. But as life has it, not everything can go smoothly. My mistake was that I forgot to take rainwear with me. And this cost me a whole day. Near Ramban, it started raining heavily and I continued till Banihal where the cold winds made my body numb and I simply gave up and stopped at a dabha (close to 9am) completely drenched and shivering due to cold and prayed for the rain to stop. After waiting for 6 hrs and with no sign of rain slowing down, I rode to Banihal railway station, parked the bike at a nearby shop owner and boarded a train to Anantnag where my uncle was waiting for me with dry clothes. Reached home at 7pm with the bike still at Banihal. What was supposed to be a short and fun day turned out to be long, cold and tiring.

(Stopped at a roadside tea stall first and waiting for 20 mins to rain to stop/slow down)

(This is from Banihal where I waited for nearly 6 hrs)

There are the only two pics which I could click.
Only good thing was that I got to travel by train in this section for the first time.

Day 2. With rain stopped at night, went back to Banihal in the afternoon and rode the bike to Anantnag. Special thanks to the shopkeeper who kept my bike safe.

In the evening, went to attend the marriage ceremony of a cousin and enjoyed the Kashmiri hospitality and mouth-watering wazwan.
Returned late in the night.

(Here is the Initial plate we get, after this, many more dishes are served.)

(FROM WIKI: Wazwan is a multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine, the preparation of which is considered an art and a point of pride in Kashmiri culture and identity. Almost all the dishes are meat-based using lamb or chicken. It is popular throughout Kashmir, besides, Wazwan is also served internationally at Kashmiri food festivals and reunions. LINK)

Day 3. Woke up late and went to attend another marriage ceremony and got to have another round of wazwan. Lucky me.
Visited relatives after that. A big burden :-&

Clicked some flowers in the garden. Not much though.








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Day 4. Woke up at around 8 am only to find that it had been raining since early morning. Had breakfast and waited for the rain to stop, which it finally did at around 1 pm.
Went to Martand Sun Temple (LINK) and had planned for a few more places, but it started drizzling again at around 3 pm and I quickly rode back home.

(Front view of the temple)

(View from the main gate. There is a garden built around the temple)

(View of the courtyard)

(sculptures of Deities on the temple walls)




(View around the temple complex)


(View of the main Temple structure)


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