Mystery Behind “Golden Temple” Of Spiti



Writing is all about observing & living through different experiences. If I observe well and stay open , stories are born in my mind. I went to Paris & didn’t see EIFFEL TOWER , that’s fine. Whatever I did instead will definitely be better.
It was only 04 hrs journey from TABO, Himachal Pradesh to LHALUNG Monastery Himachal Pradesh which is called “GOLDEN TEMPLE” OF SPITI valley. Not a famous touristy place, but having huge potential to become. After reaching the point in between DHANKAR and KAZA we took right turn to Golden temple during June 2015. It is a village of 45 houses.

Oldest monastery at the height of 12000 ft & oldest amongst entire region. The Monastery had suddenly evolved all by itself after a willow tree was planted in the 10th century CE. Behind me is the "Golden Temple".

Same willow tree is still there near monastery. It is said that earlier it was a proper functional Gompa with lot of monks staying & studying there. But after 17th century it has been lying barren. Natural forces had ruined all other structures except the monastery. It is so amazing that the structures & idols in the monastery have not been dusted since ages & it is preserved in its purest form. LHALUNG means “Land of God”. There is a myth that the colour of the surrounding mountains changes depending on the mood of the God – Red when angry, Blue when hurt and Yellow when happy.

We met Lama Mr Tenjing Rinchenpong who described all these myth to us & a Spanish couple (only 5 tourists in all) . I was lucky to become their English interpreter & gather so much knowledge about ancient Buddhist mythological belief.

Small, pristine clean monastery with insanely seductive calm surroundings with beautiful natural flowers , setting sun’s ray and crescent moon make the place more romantic more mysterious.


From monastery view downwards -

Thanks for reading. Very soon my next thread will come on "2020 long drive". Till then bye.....

Gaurav Chopra

zestbiker-if there is a SPIRIT,I ride it
Did'nt even hear about this place even from the locals during my Spiti bike ride back in 2015 -so this increases my locale vocabulary :) @rollingstone -and beautiful photos.